Hispanics in California now outnumber whites – BBC News


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Hispanics were projected to become the largest ethnic group in California in March, overtaking whites for the first time in the state’s history.

That makes California the second US state – after New Mexico – with more people of Hispanic origin than any other ethnicity.

And where California leads, America often follows, as Alastair Leithead reports from Los Angeles.

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Date: September 9, 2019

37 thoughts on “Hispanics in California now outnumber whites – BBC News

  1. I'm not Mexican or American but, everytime I visit California I find that the Mexican/Latino culture that you see and feel everywhere makes California what it is, beautiful.

  2. Hispanic/Latino is not a race.

    The dumbass categorization of US census data is pathetic. White Hispanics come from many backgrounds: Germanic, Celtic, Latin, Eastern European. They are mixed ethnically, just like Americans

  3. Stupid americans you know that 2/3 of the usa were spanish for 300 years and mexicans for 50 years we are not replacing your culture because the usa dont have culture usa have more hispanic heritage that english or french so shut up because california has been forever a state with hispanic culture

  4. Let's all remember the facts: whites killed whites in Europe for hundreds of years. They had gangs (the Highlanders vs the low landers) dont let them fool you. Whites have been killing other whites for hundreds and hundreds of years. The reason whites have a higher standard of living is because the game was tilted in their favor for 200 years!!! Beat them at their own game like my wife and I have. Now we have whites cleaning our home, working in our yard, trimming our bushes, and mowing our lawn.👌

  5. I do not understand what this mean, do they dislike that Hispanics speak Spanish or that we are not white? because in the north of Mexico, millions of white Mexicans live, such as in Los Altos de Jalisco, and they are almost indistinguishable from a white American, I know this because I know people who have emigrated to America and as long as they don't speak, the Americans confuse them with whites….I don't understand.
    We are mestizos can be of all color, from black to more white that the moon.

  6. Latin actually means from Latium, as in one of the many civilizations of the Italic peoples which had the most success. They were native to Latium, which can be found in Italy today, in a region called Lazio, from Latio, which also means Latin. The Romans (most of them) were Latins, and even spoke Latin, and after the fall of the Roman Empire, Italy, Spain, France, Spain, Portugal, etc. came into existence. When they discovered lands in America, they send settlers, Latin settlers, to populate them. That's why it's called Latin America.

    But there are also other non-latin tribes all around.

  7. Some ppl out here saying HISPANICS ARE WHITE yea maybe in Argentina but most Hispanics that are commin and brown and black because the white ones are enjoying their white privilege

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