History of BBC News at 6 intros


Evolution of BBC News at 6 intros from 1948 until today.

1948-1954 (BBC Newsreel): 0:12
1954-1955 (BBC News): 0:31
1955-1957: 0:39
1957-1967: 0:50
1957-1969 (Tonight): 0:54
1967-1969 (News): 1:17
1969-1976: 1:32
1969-1970 (Nationwide): 1:44
1970: 2:07
1970-197?: 2:25
197?-1975: 2:47
1975-1980: 3:13
1976-1979 (Evening News): 3:32
1979-1981: 4:04
1980 (Nationwide): 4:10
1980-1981: 4:36
1981-1982 (Evening News): 5:33
1981-1982 (Nationwide): 6:27
1982-1984 (Evening News): 7:24
1982-1983 (Nationwide): 8:12
1983 (Sixty Minutes): 8:36
1983-1984: 9:40
1984-1993 (Six o’Clock News): 10:42
1993-1997: 12:04
1997-1999: 13:07
1999-2002: 14:04
2002-2004: 15:06
2004-2006: 16:10
2006-2007: 16:58
2007-2008: 18:09
2008-2013: 19:39
2013-2019: 21:22
2019-today: 23:03

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Date: June 19, 2020

20 thoughts on “History of BBC News at 6 intros

  1. Great to see all the intros of Nationwide. So many over its history.
    Nationwide wasn't really the news. It was current affairs and, often, a bit of light relief.
    The BBC Evening News started at 5.45pm and moved to 5.40pm. Long Nationwide promo followed, with regional programmes, then Nationwide itself. I remember its official start time was 6.22 for some time.
    It was a bit of a mess, really.
    Sixty Minutes tried to remedy that. But it was still the same basic structure.
    News, regional news, current affairs programme.
    The sets had similar designs and the same music was used.
    It began with the Sixty Minutes presenter doing the headlines. After that, a bit of a promo for the main Sixty Minutes current affairs show at 6.20 ish. Then the news was read by the news reader (there was a Sixty Seconds-style set for him/her but a different studio). Most local programme titles were kept (Look North, Points West etc) but the South East was just "South East" and I think Scotland dropped "Reporting Scotland" for Sixty Minutes. It was just Sixty Minutes Scotland.
    In those days, News was a different department to Current Affairs and the each had a little empire, which meant that even when they tried to make it a more coherent programme, it was still bitty.

  2. 0:31 That camera movement is too smooth for 50s… (Propably a 90s "historical" recreation)

    Intros for both news and "Nationwide" are included, but weren't both separate programmes?
    I understand inclusion of "Sixty Minutes" as it merged evening news bulletin with content of Nationwide (that is regional variations and light-hearted current affairs)

    Up to appearing of name "Evening News", generic BBC News titles were used (as shown in video), which after start of One o'clock, Six o'clock and Nine o'clock news are only during the weekend

    One BBC News intro (from 1972 is missing). It was on TVARK. Did it appear on an episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus?

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