HITX 2 MAN Survival COD


(OFFICIAL GET PUMPED ENTERTAINMENT CHANNEL) We want to bring you fun and positive videos so that you can enjoy! This channel features a broad range of content! GET PUMPED features GTAV VIDEOS (GRAND THEFT AUTO 5 ON PS4), GTAV FILMS & SHORT MOVIES, GTAV CAR SHOWS, GTAV HITX CREW EVENTS, BONSAI PLANT ART, RANDOM COMEDY, CREATED SONGS, IMPORTANT INFO (eg: corona virus update) you will find videos on my various exotic animals, Blue iguana, hermits crabs, shrimp, koi fish, snails, bioactive ecosystems, and dogs. When I reach 1,000 subs I will do a face reveal. I will be uploading the official chicken nuggets song. My gaming setup will be showcased. I am also a responsible gun fanatic, gear head, Navy veteran, and a registered nurse! I do NOT get paid by YouTube, we upload our content for fun, and pure enjoyment to all. If you subscribe, let me know! I’ll sub back! I support all subscribers! Thank you all for tuning in to GET PUMPED! Love my online family. We are HITX,a family of fighters.


Date: July 12, 2020

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