Holidays cancelled: Portugal added to travel 'amber list' by UK


As the removal of Portugal from the green travel list leaves many scrambling to change holiday plans, case rates have increased in every region of England.


The rise has been driven by the Delta variant, which originated in India.

The UK Health Security Agency has warned it may lead to an increased risk of hospitalisation.

We report from the North West, the region of England with the steepest increase, where case rates are at the highest level in three months.


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Date: September 12, 2021

31 thoughts on “Holidays cancelled: Portugal added to travel 'amber list' by UK

  1. If dying at or on return from the holiday you took a woefully untested vaccine to go on, a vaccine that promotes blood clots and then you fly? Flying increases your chances of blood clots. Yeh, dying would definitely ruin the summer holiday, yeh.

  2. Why are people going abroad are they so desperate to sit on a beach knowing covid is still there vaccine or not and another thing I can't get my head round is the kids are about to get 6 weeks of school would it better to send them during the holidays just for a one off to catch up with the schooling they have missed

  3. I can see it in Corona’s eyes
    Cause Corona never tells me lies
    I can feel that aerosol shake
    And the heat within my head

    You’ve been scared of Corona and what it did to you

    You do have to run, we know what you’ve been through.

    I feel a lockdown coming, I feel a lockdown coming, babe.

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  5. Holiday in Wales, beaches at least on a par with Devon & Cornwall, less crowded, less expensive but most important barely any guys in red trousers with a Pringle sweater knotted around their necks.

  6. If the drunken men in the video are the type of holidaymaker in Portugal why would anyone want to go there anyway.

  7. What do you expect when your need of a sun tan outweigh your needs to look out for public and personal health. Yes a few days in the will make you feel better, but you knew the risks at this current time. So i personally hope it hits their pockets hard

  8. If the vaccine works what does it matter where people go on holiday? That’s the whole point of every other vaccines ffs

  9. Who would want to come back to England anyway this country is a Service industry island for millionaires and billionaires sooner we all leave the better

  10. So on the one hand 50% of the population have now had 2 doses of vaccine, which we have good reason to believe will be effective against variants. Yet we still see the government panicking about them.

    Almost all the most vulnerable are now fully protected: those who refused the vaccine (myself included) don't deserve any special consideration. It really doesn't matter in the least if a few people come back from holiday infected, because it's exceedingly unlikely that this will now lead to deaths or hospitalisations.

    Stopping people enjoying a very well earned summer holiday isn't "listening to the science" it's listening to the cowardly, irrational snowflakes. The Gurkhas have a motto: "better to die than live as a coward!"

  11. Nepal and WHO don't know new varient but this irritating man knows it. Propaganda 😅😅😅. Don't believe in this fake experts with political move from britain. UK varients are mutating all over Europe and spreading to Portugal and others. Nepal has banned any travel in and out of nepal from months so how it can happen. EU has banned Nepal aeroplane to enter EU from 9 years😅😅😅

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