Homeless brothers are surprised by good Samaritan


22 thoughts on “Homeless brothers are surprised by good Samaritan

  1. Playing tourist in South Africa broke my heart. So many white guys living rough in the bush just out of town and of course blacks folks with the same problems there with them. So you do a little and it's never enough. Every day please do a good turn like this guy

  2. Reading the comments, everyone acts like they would help them. If that's the case, why are their so many homeless and people ignore them like they are nothing.

  3. I'm in a different country, i don't have a bank account and a job right now but I have a house, a concrete one three bedrooms 2 bathrooms. Even I can't find work for a year no one can take or own my house. People can be homeless becoz of the government system. I can't stand watching my family specially my brothers like that.

  4. may god bless you brother…this is really inspired me..i loved biking…but sometimes i see poor men but i do not bring anything that could help them…next i will be more prepare…just wanna to thank you..this is really inspire me alot.. lets bike & share😁

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