Hong Kong protests: China flag trampled in mall unrest – BBC News


Activists in Hong Kong have desecrated a Chinese flag and vandalised a shopping centre on the 16th straight weekend of anti-government protests.

The unsanctioned rally at the New Town Plaza started on a small scale and peacefully.

Video footage then showed a Chinese flag being trampled by protesters before being carried out and thrown into a river.

The BBC’s Stephen McDonell surveyed the damage at the New Town Plaza in Sha Tin as riot police arrived.

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Date: October 29, 2019

30 thoughts on “Hong Kong protests: China flag trampled in mall unrest – BBC News

  1. I feel for the Hong Kong people but the situation is tenuous . The UN and most countries recognize the one China policy , the legal parts that is , Hong Kong is legally China now , after the lease to the British expired . I doubt very much that the US or the UK is going to come to your aid in any physical way . They will make statements and condemn China but that's about it . They have not stopped China from illegally occupying shoals in the South China Sea so they are not going to do anything about China's legal right to reintegrate Hong Kong . Maybe you can extract some kind of limited autonomy for a while but eventually China will infiltrate politically , economically , socially and then it's just another province of China . I would like to see the US and UK annex Hong Kong just like China annexed the South China sea but I don't think they have the balls .

  2. The only thing these rioters has achieved and shown to the China is that "one country, two systems" does not work. All this will come back in 2047 to haunt the Hong Kong youths of this generation….especially those who have been arrested (whether or not they are charged). Unlike many of their leaders who already have foreign nationality as fallback, all these brainwashed youths will not be as fortunate.
    Hong Kong riot is never about freedom. It is all about advancing self-interest, nothing else. The benefactor is clear from the actions and rhetoric of the one Big Brother that is actively behind the violence.

  3. Is that funny? Don’t envy! It gonna happen in Belfast or Glasgow very soon. Hopefully such a beautiful event could become a annual festival in UK with Union Jack burning, gasoline bombs, waving flags like “f….U.c.K”, singing a song like “Dog bleed the Queen” or “Dog bleed U…..England”. That should be what British Brainwashing Company and Brainwashed Bullshit Criminals always expect:)

  4. Hong Kong needs independent, level-headed, impartial arbitrators, who have Hong Kong best interest in mind, to work out an amiable solution for the current crisis. They need to establish some common grounds where both sides could accept. Hong Kong long term prospective lies more with Beijing on what role the city would continue to play.

  5. These sponsored thugs and rioters are suppressing the opposing voice of true Hong Kong population. No thanks to these sponsored thugs who appeared to be worse than Nazis and Red Guards. Hong Kong has been peaceful and orderly before these thugs showed up. It would help to return Hong Kong back to normality if these rioting could stop so that the authority could de-escalate their actions. It would also help if the media is less biased in their coverage. They should be covering the news and not making it.

    As far as history and the future are concerned, HK has been, is and will always be part of China. The only things that HK should truly treasure are its enterprising people, unique culture, institutional system with the rule of law, and infrastructure. Without these core assets, the society will not survive regardless of political system. This is not fighting for freedom. It is anarchy. There is only one option in dealing with this crisis.

  6. England pls take this mobs and give them the citizenships . they are not chinese , and als chinese we also dont accept that they are chinese , they are the shame of our society 1

  7. Shame BBC shame. For your partial reporting…….its just protest going on in hong kong with in chainese terrotary…and.chaina will manage it….but why BBC is silent over internationally accepted disputed land of kashmir….where india has boxed in 8 million kashmiri muslims.for the last 70 days…..who want right to self determination in light of UNO resolutions… india has un lawfully merged disputed area of kashmir in india… kashmiris are crying for help. They want food..healty care.
    But the western channels are bussy to defame their competetor chaina… and has ignored the basic humen right violations in kashmir….we condemn such baised reporting by BBC.

  8. This is not fighting for freedom. It is anarchy. There is only one option in dealing with this crisis.
    Let there be no mistakes about it. Whoever governs must have that iron in him. Or give it up. This is not a game of cards. This is your life and mine. Hong Kong today is built on the sweat and blood of generations of true Hong Kong citizens who devoted a whole lifetime building this. And as long as there is still that pioneer spirit around, nobody’s going to knock it down.

  9. China had given HK too much freedom and democracy they never had in colonial time. Now HKer abuse freedom rioters attack police and civilian. It's terrorism act. Bj has no deadline to end it. if HK er don't mind to destroy everything ever built including rule of law. Why should BJ care. Just Let HK rots. 2 options left: self correction or self destruction.

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