Hong Kong protests: Police officer points gun at protesters – BBC News


A police officer has been caught on camera brandishing a large gun at protesters in Hong Kong.

The incident came during clashes outside the Kwai Chung police station where dozens of protesters are being held.

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Date: August 17, 2019

41 thoughts on “Hong Kong protests: Police officer points gun at protesters – BBC News

  1. Hong Kong is a blessed place, the most free place,

    People are free to enter and exit,

    Funds are free to enter and exit,

    Business can be freely traded,

    Renminbi, foreign currency can be freely circulated,

    What financial products are available, all can be freely traded, and what financial products are spurred by the enthusiasm of the dream is developed, the double exhibition is small, and the financial thugs are tempting.

    Hong Kong is a spy paradise, which is the great value of Hong Kong.

    Hong Kong's wealth is a financing center.

    Hong Kong is an interest group (black and white), and property hegemony has plundered huge wealth.

    Hong Kong's surplus value, who loves, Hong Kong's status, rock-solid, worthless, what are you worried about? ?

    Nowadays, there is wine now drunk!

  2. I mean the chin ease interference in HK is appalling but this is a dramatisation by the BBC the police officer acted professionally and I’m astonished at what these protesters got away with abusing him but then no retaliation from the beanbag shotgun. Shame that the other police elsewhere in these protests so violent against the peaceful ones.

  3. I have never been to the UK, could someone tell if attacking a police is some kind of daily life thing in the UK?? Cuz according to the report it seems like the BBC are used to it already 😂😂😂

  4. BBC = Biased Broadcasting Corporation. By showing the policeman brandishing a gun without showing that the policeman was besieged by mob violence is a gross distortion of the truth designed to mislead and to fuel further violence. BBC claims to bring you real news, but in reality, BBC brings violence. BBC ought to be ashamed and I'm ashamed to admit that I'm British.

  5. this why viewing one media is bad….. i try to look for chinese media, us media, hong kong media, and british media and protestor page then draw conclusion…. wish more people did this

    and the conclusion i drew is that hong kong is a hot mess and police is indeed incompetent and the "protestors" are indeed rioters and that they are painting the actual protestor in a bad light. in all of these western media the "protestor" group is way smaller than the ones in the early july and june where you can see hundred thousands of people and as of now its only looking like thousands and not millions/hundred of thousands of people

    and another conclusion that can be drew from this entire situation is that china will go through a huge political transformation if hong kong succeed and china does nothing to prevent that and if china does intervene things would get even more violent which will also change china in the long run and maybe the world too

  6. Another BBC one-sided propaganda. "Police officer points gun at protesters" to make international news. Please tell people all guns Hong Kong police carrying in those terrorists' riots use rubber bullets. Please stop insulting viewers' intelligence! Also, during Canada's "Quebec Independence" movements years ago, Pierre Trudeau sent out tanks to break up students' riots. So what is the big deal? We all need to be very careful, and use judgement when watching clips from BBC. These people are not real journalists…

  7. I just heard my friend went to Hong Kong joined in the protest and the reason is “the pay is 700 USD/day or 5000 Hong Kong dollars a day”……………. Is it really democracy?????? I want to join in the protest too!!!!!

  8. BBC News again being disgraceful… Obviously 2 officers were outnumbered, surrounded and life threatened by extremely violent thugs, and yet the news titled "Police Officer Brandishes Gun At Hong Kong Protesters"! SHAME!

  9. Beware of zoomed in videos. They can lie. Zoom out and you can see a better picture. Or a few minutes before there was a different story. BBC does lie a lot. Including the Syria chemical attack incident that was staged and filmed by BBC to justify attacks in Syria. Hypocritical western media never to be trusted. CGTN also shows a older woman who was confronting protesters yet Mashable reported it as supporting the protesters

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