Horrifying Urban Legends That Are Actually True


Here are some urban legends that are actually true.
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“Horror Movie Track” by Kovacs Kalman


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Blood / Lnk. Si

Time and Death, and Goody Barton / Arallyn!

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Haunted Hall / daveynin / Flickr Creative Commons

Dead Body / Riccardo Di Virgilio / Flickr Creative Commons

The Corpse Bride / Mick Amato / Flickr Creative Commons

Bell Boy #1 / Mo Riza / Flickr Creative Commons

10/52 — Noose / Gurprasad Kaur / Flickr Creative Commons

Barn / SurFeRGiRL30 / Flickr Creative Commons

Haunted Hayride / Andrew Malone / Flickr creative Commons

This is a Joke / Candie_N (Welcome Fall) / Flickr Creative Commons

Noose / Rudolf Vlcek / Flickr Creative Commons

Six Million Dollar Man / spablab / Flickr Creative commons

Body Bag Prop / RightBrainPhotography / Flickr creative Commons

Armless Snorkeller / Christoffer Knutsen / Flickr Creative Commons

Human Skeleton / Mariam? / Flickr Creative Commons

Elmer McCurdy in Coffin / W.J. Boag / Wikimedia Commons

Desolate / Edward.rhys / Flickr creative Commons

Monument to the Living: The Episcopal Service / Public Domain / Archive.org

The Great Train Robbery / Public Domain / Archive.org

“Carnival” / Public Domain/Archive.org

Flickr Images
Used by Permission

Additional Footage & Images courtesy of Shutterstock, Inc.,
Used by Permission





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Date: February 13, 2020

40 thoughts on “Horrifying Urban Legends That Are Actually True

  1. I've seen people who think urband legends are true, no, urband legends are just rumors being speard not knowing if it's real or not, we always hope it's not, but sometimes like in this video, those been proven real then it's double scary for me.

  2. There's a short story about being buried alive.On February , a man who was taking care of the graveyard heard the sound of a bell. He went to the source of the sound to find a grave of an old lady. He listens to what the 'thing' in the grave have to say. "HELP!! I have been buried alive! Kind sir, if you can help me I will give you all my wealth." The man replied, "Excuse me ma'am, what is your real name? " The 'thing' says, "I don't remember, sir. The darkness in here make me lost my memory ". Then, the man shoved dirts into the tube that connects them both and removed the bell. He says, "Sorry ma'am, but the date of death on this grave is since February last year. No living things could survive a year in a grave. Whatever you are, you ain't coming back up. "

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