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The number of people across the world over 65 years old will triple by 2050, drastically altering some countries’ demographic make-up, according to a new report by the Pew Research Center.

The BBC’s David Botti takes a look at the numbers in this week’s edition of Face Facts.


Date: September 30, 2021


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  2. lol even in europe families are having fewer children (even though though they get pensions, paid maternity and paternity leave, subsidized or free daycare , free or affordable education till college , tax payed or affordable healthcare

  3. The baby boomers who worked hard like mad and paid into the social security system religiously deserves everything! The reason why retirement is such a crises filled system is because the baby boomers were betrayed by the lies of overpopulation and by the lies of scarcity of resources by the lies of pollution, etc when in fact the technologies to solve these problems were already developed in the 1950s and up to the early 1960s but were prevented from being implemented by corporations and consolidated corporations who are dependent on corporate lies of artificial scarcity and artificial shortages and artificial long term pollution in order to have a reason to raise their prices and to create an artificial panic to make the baby boomers to needlessly buy their corporate products to make them safe and secure, etc.

  4. Why is this a problem? If you live in a good conditions, feel well, healthy enough at the age of 65, you can still work and get your pension

  5. Birth is suffering, Ageing is suffering, Sickness is suffering, Death is suffering, Separation from beloveds is suffering, Cohabitation with indifferent people is suffering, desire not having fulfilled is suffering. NATURAL SUFFERING IS INEVITABLE BUT CULTURAL SUFFERING IS OPTIONAL. MANY SUFFERING COULD BE REDUCED IF WE COULD ELIMINATE IGNORANCE AND ABYSMAL DESIRE

  6. In the future, office based jobs etc will have to be freed up to provide more jobs which the elderly can carry on despite advancing years. The youth of society will be allocated manual labour, regardless of their ability to work in more intellectual fields.

  7. "The world is getting older", if you equate certain countries with the entire world then yes. Who writes this stuff?

  8. I think world’s food crises are not BECUSE of population but it’s BECUSE of corporations and governments that controlled the most portion of the world’s food sources !

  9. It will be a major problem in 20-30 years from now as the social security systems will fail. The active working population wont just be enought to suport the retired ones, unless there is a brutal increase in social taxes or companies change the way they look at older workers and start retaining them. This is not someting to take "lightly" since the increase in life expectancy paralell to the low fertility levels will translate in a enormous amount of persons not working, thus not generating tax incomes or social contributions: on the contrary, the amount of pensions being paid will increase largely.

  10. Nothing wrong with an ageing population: Low unemployment, low crime, affordable housing, more resources per person, better environment too.

  11. The lies of overpopulation. I'm sure that feminism is the hidden topic of abortion. ¿Do you guys think that aging population is growing worldwide or not?

  12. Life is a ponzi scheme. Take care of yourself and try to die dignified, dont breed more misery onto planet Earth, nobody benefits.

  13. its a vicious cycle: people grow old, retire and you want more younger people to join the workforce. Then you invite immigrants. when these younger people grow old, you will have a larger shoes to fill in. its never-ending.

  14. Notice how all the countries they claim are set to boom are completely unable to sustain their current population. Notice how all these countries have insanely high crime rates that are rising. Notice how all these countries have insanely high rates of unemployment. These are all nations people chose to emigrate from and this emigration causes problems for the countries these mainly unskilled laborers bring to the countries they immigrate to.

    Developed nations with aging populations are able to look after their aging populations because they have an increasingly skilled workforce. Automation will continue to make human labor less necessary. It is far more often that the old work to support the young and not the other way around. These old people are less of a burden then they are the fuel that creates jobs for the young. Unemployment and overpopulation are the worlds two greatest problems. This is clearly propaganda aimed at lowering labor costs and increasing consumerism for the benefit of a few and at a dire cost to society at large.

  15. Migration actually makes this problem far worse. As technology advances the need for unskilled labor drops drastically. Job vacancies for unskilled laborers are actually a valuable commodity to a society as they fight Europe's growing unemployment. Someone employed as a manual laborer will pay taxes, contribute and gain a sense of purpose while someone unable to find any job will either need to resort to crime, or dependence on welfare or charity. Migrants deplete this commodity within a society and increase the disaffected population. This end result can clearly be seen in countries that have accepted large amounts of migrants. The drastic drop in educational performance and spike in violent crime within Sweden is clear evidence of this.
    Another clearly observable phenomenon in Europe as well as non-european western countries is the drastically higher rate in which middle eastern migrants utilize the welfare system without paying into it. Often having several unofficial weddings where they are married according to their religion but not under the law allowing for polygamous men to collect the benefits designed for single women from his multiple wives. While this is not the norm, large families being supported almost entirely by the state is the norm amongst middle eastern migrants and generational welfare is very much becoming the norm.
    These facts seem obvious. This comment may be deleted but another similar one will likely go up. The opinions I am expressing are clearly those of the majority of Europeans and it is becoming harder and harder for censors to hide that fact. These facts are rather self evident and obvious. As those expressing this common sense are described as being fascists or nazis has become the norm those terms loose their gravitas daily to the point where such ideas are becoming mainstream. There is a folk tale of a boy who cried wolf so often as a means to get attention that when there actually was a wolf nobody believed him and his calls went unheeded. Such is the case with European societies calling fascist. Moreover people are becoming less and less afraid of fascism as societies have recovered from fascist domination to become open societies often within a single generation while no society has ever fully recovered from Islamic domination. The EU has such a strong anti-democratic culture that it becomes harder and harder to see how it differentiates from outspokenly authoritarian regimes.
    Now the question that isn't so obvious is why? Can this all simply be the result of Saudi money influencing media and politicians? That is of course a major factor but one must always find an economic factor. While unskilled migrants hurt the economy of the countries the migrate to, particularly the working class of these countries there are those who economically gain. It is not the government since these migrants have been shown to take far more out of the welfare state than they contribute. There are however those who do financially gain. Multinational corporations that often have difficulty breaking the behavioral patterns of strong traditional societies. People with a connection to their society and it's traditions will resist the commercialization of their traditions as well as the introduction of new traditions by corporations for the sake of creating commercial sales. This is much less the case where there is a multicultural society without shared traditions.
    Example. A native Greek or Frenchman will be very likely to pass by a KFC or McDonalds for traditional food from a family owned local vendor both for reasons of personal taste as well as a sense of community. Now the Greek or French economy will see every cent of Euro redistributed within it if it is spent at a locally owned shop. Those Euros will will then keep circulating within the economy of that country allowing for a sustainable economy. A migrant will be very likely to to to KFC for the very same reasons the native chose the native shop. McDonalds and KFC are international and familiar to the migrant and this migrant has no sense of affinity toward French or Greek society. In fact this migrant will often see the local society and population as a threat or rival to his peoples population. The fact that multinational corporations are easily able to undersell locally owned businesses puts the icing on the cake. Once that Euro is spent some may go to a local franchise owner but the lions share goes outside the economy.
    What scares multinational corporations more than the small family owned shops are the non-capitalist traditions. A father fixing a fence with his son. A small family farm or garden. These non-capitalist community based traditions are great for societies but terrible for corporations which need to turn all labor into money they can create via the form of loans. The fence should be fixed by a company employing low wage migrants while the father and son absorb commercials on the TV. The contractor taking a loan to start his business and the father-son duo taking out a loan to pay for the crap they don't need but for which advertisements have created a hunger.
    The clearly obvious fact of the matter is that human labor is becoming far less necessary for the functioning of society and as the global population grows natural resources become far more scarce. While it may seem like the moral thing to do for European countries to absorb the growing populations of the third world it very much is not. This policy of mass migration has created a boom in the human trafficking industry. It has also allowed non-functional societies to continue to produce surplus populations, a behavior widely promoted within these societies. This is often in conjunction with the societies producing emigrants being very violently monolithic. Pakistan and Somalia for instance being countries where murdering non-muslims for the sake of creating a pure society is the social norm. Pakistan meaning, "Pure Country". The constant flow of new blood within their borders and extension of influence into more functional countries is good for the corrupt leaders of emigrant countries. The policies of open borders and mass migration does everything to encourage these corrupt leaders to encourage this dysfunctional social behavior. At the same time the once functional western societies become less and less functional.
    In the end if a country is producing large amounts of people and is unable to sustain it's current population what needs to be done is that problem needs to be handled within the country in question. That is the only rational and moral solution to such an issue. If we find ourselves unable to unwilling to tackle this issue in the proper way we need to admit that we can not solve it. It is highly immoral and on the border of evil to be "philanthropic" entirely at the expense of another nation while doing little more than virtue signaling, ignoring the people you hurt, isolating the incidents and individuals you helped and in the end making the overall problem worse.
    Europe is blessed with an aging population. It will be expensive for less tax payers to pay for more seniors but it is worth it in the long run since they will be creating a highly sustainable society. One where food does not need to be mass produced and chemically enhanced. One where cities do not need to be overpopulated. One where a lack of want will create steady declines in criminal activity. One where automation is no longer the enemy but allows for humans to pursue arts and sciences with greater vigor.

  16. 🇵🇰i men think that their families will care for them in their old age and have lots of children…quite a few of them don't get proper jobs and become terrorists who will destroy global peace…so how can terrorists take care of their aged parents?

  17. The time has come to launch a new war against population … better a low fertility rate of 1.5. – 1.6 children per woman (if it goes to Singaporean levels like 0.8 we can worry). It can solve many problems such as the water crisis, global warming, environmental degradation. It will lead to better education and boost family savings. Ageing is not such a major problem as imagined. Most countries have come up with plans to address ageing. Plus, people can save more. Anyway most parents won't depend on their children in old age in futire. 

    Sujay Rao Mandavilli

  18. Would like to suggest viewers to check out Aubrey de Grey and if we really want a future free from illness of ageing then donate money to SENS foundation and any other charity dedicated to fighting this cause.

  19. Many so-called experts think that developing countries like Nigeria, India, Pakistan, etc. are at an advantage because of population growth (they call it 'demographic dividend').

    It is, actually, a 'population time bomb'. With limited resources, especially land, water and fuel, these countries are at a huge disadvantage unless there is a mass immigration to ageing countries like Japan and Germany.

  20. getting tired of this propgandha not even gonna watch it we are living not so long now there are just more of for the gloablists to kill wat a shame come on you sick bas##s give me my flu vaccines to kill me off

  21. I hear a lot of people bothered and annoyed at africa for high population and stuff, still most africans might be replaced by another generation in maybe 40 years from now, that's how low life expectancy is there! Now I hear in the developed world there is very low fertility rates and that there is old population replacing the newer generation faster than ever, so I wonder which is worse, a continent like Africa which has a high fertility rate and low life expectancy or a continent like europe which has a low fertility rate, but a high life expectancy rate! I see in 50 years from now a lot of 3rd world countries immigrants having to migrate to those developed nations to support those elderly ones! But I might be wrong because, first you can never be one hundred percent secure of these statistics and secondly, maybe those developed nations will discover new ways to look after their elderly (technology wise) thus somehow replacing the need of some migrants! But these statistics are surely worrisome for those developed nations! They better come up with ways to start getting those young people to reproduce again! And I doubt Africa has a high population compared to europe, Africa is three times the size of europe, maybe food insecurity may lead some to think that way!

  22. I think we had it right when families stayed together and everyone looked after each other.  The elderly looking after the children is better than putting them day care and children looking after their aging parents is better than putting them in old age homes.

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