How can India tackle its water crisis? – BBC News


“Twenty-one of India’s major cities may run out of ground water as early as 2020 according to a government report. Some experts contest that assessment but daily water woes are a part of life for almost half of the country’s population.

The southern city of Chennai, where reservoirs are drying up due to a delayed monsoon and poor water management, is severely affected. Residents there have been queuing up to collect water from rationed government services, and schools, hospitals and restaurants are struggling to cope. Meanwhile, the Indian government has set up a new Jal Shakti (water power) Ministry, and is proposing a massive project to interlink India’s rivers as an answer to the water crisis.

We focus on water conservation and management solutions to India’s water crisis. We speak to a water activist based in Chennai who restores lakes and ponds, the head of a Delhi-based non-profit that works to recharge groundwater, and a water expert who specialises in rural irrigation economy and policy making.

Presenter: Devina Gupta

Contributors: Aditi Mukherjee, Principal Researcher, International Water Management Institute; Jyoti Sharma, President, FORCE Non-profit; Arun Krishnamurthy, Founder, Environmentalist Foundation of India

From Delhi, #WorklifeIndia reflects on money, work, family and business.”

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Date: July 29, 2019

36 thoughts on “How can India tackle its water crisis? – BBC News

  1. Excellent work on thinking about water..
    What about covered Drains (like US cities have) and huge pipes along road side to capture rain water and sink it to ground or divert it to a lake.. Each citizen can contribute two days of labor or donate money to get the drains installed in their streets..Let us take the responsibly instead of depending on government to solve everything… Also each citizen should work on planting at least 10 trees in common areas (parks, schools, colleges, backyards, near wildlife sanctuaries etc) and help growing it.. yaa

  2. Any crisis in india can only be tackled if thanos snaps his fingers and makes half of the population dissappear and india will still be the second most populated country in the world


    The Narendra Modi Govt is considering bringing a model law to resolve the country’s water scarcity with the cooperation of state governments. The Centre is said to be working on the proposed regulatory mechanisms called the model water resources regulatory authority bill.

    The law is being introduced at a time when over a third of the districts in the nation are suffering from the said crisis. The government has identified 1,592 blocks in 256 districts as seriously water-depleted. Last month, PM Modi wrote to village administrations across the country asking them to conserve water.



  4. India should spend some money on science – researching overpopulation and its consequences. India will supposedly be testing the limits on upwards near 2 billion people this century on their tiny area of land. This is absolutely ridiculous and irresponsible on such a small area of the world's land. So now that India has used up their water, 100s of millions of Indians will want to migrate from their screwed up and irresponsible country, to your country this decade. I don't live in the UK, but I have heard many Indians complain about the "racism" they experience in the UK. I think Indians need to fix their problems at home instead of blaming other cultures for not allowing more Indians to migrate into various foreign countries. Indians need to take more responsibility for the harm and pressures they are putting onto the world's environment. Don't allow Indians to escape from the problems that they've created in their own country and migrate to your country until they fix their home first.

  5. You can see for yourself how Britain managed to rule Indian subcontinent for over 250 years typical Indian attitude don't solve your problems by inventing new and better technology by using your brains instead don't do anything for as long as possible let the poor and destitutes suffer and die and face towards the western countries with teary eyes like a beggar and expect that they would invent something to rescue us from this severe crisis what a pathetic attitude.
    Idiots desalinate Indian Ocean water at large scales to fullfil the water needs of coastal Indian states ,and tell your isro or some other group of researchers and scientists in other institutes that can get to mars wasting millions of dollars but can't do artificial rainfall in different parts of India,plant billions of trees to maintain water level and the most important of them all ban on having children for next 20 years if anyone does that execute them including rich people and politicians.

  6. To tackle overpopulation, India should invest in better education for the rural and poor. Without overpopulation India will have enough resources for everyone and the newly educated generation can create and support solutions for the water crisis

  7. India is a very beautiful place but insane, superstitious, and uneducated people make up large portion of the country and they don't give a fuck about the future. The silent brilliant people watch in horror the doomsday clock ticking. Listen hindus, climate change may not be uniform. It may accelerate over the Indian subcontinent. And your kids will endure the horrors of the future unless you take charge on climate issues, pollution, and population. If you can send people into space and manage a nuclear arsenal, you can definitely tackle your infrastructure problems.

  8. This is how talk shows look like if you bring social workers to solve problem instead of scientists. Produce more water and manage efficiently just like many other Asian countries. All Rs are part of management.

  9. Thank you WorklifeIndia and BBC for bringing attention to this very serious and growing issue. Water scarcity and the associated insecurity will impact greater and greater numbers of people in the years to come. Some regions will dry up completely and will likely have to be abandoned. This is a very difficult situation many people do not want to accept. People must develop greater cooperation, unity and stewardship, or face chaos and suffering on a massive scale. I recently read an excellent book on this very topic called The Great Waves of Change, by Marshall Vian Summers. (dot org) It's available free online as an ebook. It explains what is coming for the world and how you can prepare internally and externally so that you can weather the storm and not become a victim of it.

  10. Stupid solutions for water scarcity.
    Idiotic people throw thrash in rivers
    Govt. should be sued for this negligence.
    Idiotic politicians dangerous to our country.

    The problem should have been sorted out 5-10 years ago and nothing was done because of dumbest Idli sambar eating idiots; Tamil made crisis for tamilians.

  11. This year alone another Modi, a real terrorist who conned over a billion dollar from Indian banks was seen in pictures next to prime minister Modi.

    He is yet to face trial and living lavishly in england..

    Yet young men from middle class seeking asylum in other countries gets deported and they face jail time in India with no history of violent crime.

    The water is not an issue its discrimination…no one is willing to help India when this country inhumanely tortures women n minorities .

  12. Majority of indians are facing food shortage yet ambanis and andanis and multiplying thier billions..in 2012 ambanis networth was 20 billion now he is at 70 billion when rest of the India is facing suicides for not paying average of 300 dollars loan .

    Sikh land from gujarat was forcefully allocated to Adani another billion, yet those farmers got nothing in return, muslims n Sikhs faces disproportionate amount of discrimination..Sikhs are not allowed to apply for police cadet positions in Delhi and majority hindu states.

    What u see on t.v India is no where close to that..its another Saudi Arabia, u speak the truth and the dogs of elected officials will try to eliminate you.

  13. Just a thought to consider…
    A. First not just blame the administrators, and continue to waste the days and time with only exclusives and discussions.
    B. Make this accountablity of storage is key and visible to our administrators and officers in charge via "Water movement"; have a look here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R8QPLLLyg90
    C. Stop sewer and waste mix at our homes, lakes, rivers, etc…dispose them in advised locations/ ways only; enable awareness across each village, community…
    D. Enable eco systems example plant trees, do not encroach, ensure water conservation and rain water harvesting to the ponds, lakes is enabled etc….
    ….these are a few baby steps we can take for our children, ourselves and future citizens. Thank you.

  14. India discriminates against minorities, especially sikhs..hindu majority is taking 90 percent of the water from Punjab.., sending to the areas where thier is no geographical water reservoir. Now Punjab is facing its worst draught..

    I grew up in India, Its a hell for those who want human rights..Indian police regularly torture minorities.

    Rape is common..

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