How Empaths Can Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes


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Date: October 18, 2019

11 thoughts on “How Empaths Can Make Healthy Lifestyle Changes

  1. I am better with people now. Can talk and have better contact with my adult children as well. Thanks also to some very good friends, You are sent from heaven to heal so many and as you mentioned, nature and music helped me so much. Blessings dear Dr. Linda.

  2. Very true… Following the Konmari method I decluttered my life a lot in the last year and bright a lot of order and beauty into my life and lowered my anxiety quite a lot. But now dealing with healing my health at an intrinsic level, gut health, weight loss and trying to send an autoimmune condition into remission. Lovely words, lovely reminder.. Thank you.

  3. Wonderful Video! Thank you! Yes: "Learn to say no." My Intuition is GREAT! Until now, I sometimes didn't listen to it. But now I ALWAYS wilI listen to it. I feel good and stronger than ever before. 🙂

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