How Geography DOOMED Africa


Africa has hosted many great empires over the ages, but despite having contact with both Europe and Asia, did not keep up technologically (except Wakanda). Here is one possible theory to explain why.

“Tikopia” Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Date: October 15, 2019

39 thoughts on “How Geography DOOMED Africa

  1. You've done a fine PC job of ignoring race and you never mention South America that had some very advanced civilizations that were not far behind Europe and Asia but a lot more advanced than Africa.

  2. the guy said Ethiopia is one of the most successful countries in africa.

    they have had 3 revolutions 2 war and still struggling with ethnic clashes though Abiy Ahmed is doing a good job.

  3. Then the reason South America is such a mess because of were they are located like Africa?? That is just great that we have people in this world who will make the most insane comical excuses for the reason WHY a continent is a messed up as it is. I'm sure we can find all kinds of other excuses for other failed countries or continents, right!

  4. What a bunch of nonsense just look up IQ by continent/country and it'll explain everything just admit Africa's problem is low IQ and stop swallowing lies it's unbelievable what bullshit people tell themselves

  5. I completely disagree with the assessment given in this video, the major reason or the primary reason why Africa is poor is not because of its geography but because of colonization.
    1. Countries which were previously colonies, excited only to serve their master country, for example India was colonised by Britain, before 17th century India was on the richest country in the world, corresponding to more than 22% of the world's wealth, after Britain left it was reduced to 2%. Britain damaged India by destroying India's industries such us shipbuilding, textile industry which were one of the richest in the world and forced India to produce raw materials which were send off to Europe and more specific to Britain, and Britain forced India to purchase only Britain produced goods, Britain imposed very high tariffs on India own produced goods and in some cases simply forcefully closed India industries. All of this is the reason why India became extremely poor while Europe become wealthy.
    2. This exact situation happened to Africa, the entire African continent for forced to produce raw materials on which Europeans built their industrial revolution.
    3. The industrialization of Europe was based on De-industrailzation of countries like india. India was able to create a democratic government and was somehow able to crawl its way out of its colonial past, agreed that it still has a long way to go, African countries were not lucky in this subject matter. They suffered fates like dictator etc, simply because there was no system in place and Europeans who ruled over these countries never cared to create one, and used them only for exploitation.
    And now people like you are creating senseless theory about geography to avoid the blame.

  6. my continent is not called Africa as the Sumerians called it. Its real name is Kemet written as KMT on all the walls of Egypt. Kemetians today are called Zulu's who kept all the traditions, language, science and culture. Notice that in every tribe, the royal family have a few Zulu in it. Notice every language of KMT have Zulu words in them. Romans burned what was written and made us lost our handbook, dead-book and book of life.

  7. There are no successful "black" populations… whether that's because of white racism or not… I do not know… even in modern times, you will never see "black nations" coming to the aid of "white nations"… whereas, "white nations" inevitably come to the aid – both in material and financial means… and it seems that will always be the pattern…

  8. And now there is no point to donate some African States, why ? Because local generals, politicians, businessman take most of these donations and use it to buy guns, build personal villas and invest into their own business industries. What people get: Mostly nothing.

  9. Yeah I've heard this theory over 20 years ago in Jared Diamond's book "Guns, Germs, and Steel". It's largely crap. Geography is the reason that Africa is a shit hole, but it's because of how the geography and climate influenced the evolution of Africans to have an average IQ of around 70 vs an average IQ of Europeans and East Asians of around 100. A population builds the type of civilization that they are capable of building, and for Africans, the best they can do is pretty terrible.

  10. Not to mention the massive coast and interconnected river systems of Europe, and how it encourages and invites to mercantile and proactive culture.

    On the other hand, China, with vast planes and drainage basins which promotes central rule and stability to an even larger extent than the shared climate zone does. For God's sake, the Chinese name for themselves is «the Middle Land».

    Interestingly, North America also has elements of extreme centralisation (the Mississippi-Ohio drainage basin, the Great Lakes, the St. Laurence river), which, places the eastern seabed of US-Canada in a comparable position to that of China. (The main reason for the lack of any centralised North American states prior to colonisation is mainly the lack of any working animals (which discourages urbanisation) and European sicknesses).

    Africa has few rivers, few natural harbours, and a patchwork of climate zones. The geography of the continent (leave for perhaps North African coast) doesn't really encourage trade or cultural interaction.

    Culture really seems to be the slave of geography.

  11. the jungle is good for early humanity but not for industrialized humanity. Non-flat land with a bunch of trees in the way, yeah that can get rather fucking annoying to deal with.

  12. The main reason Africa is so far behind the rest of the developed world is because of it's people, plain and simple. The negro populations do not have the same IQ as the rest of the world's population. Colonization helped bring Africa out of the stone age but with them gaining independence, they halted that progress.

  13. Literally 15 seconds before you touched on it, I immediately realized that those 1000+ different tribes made the slave trade easy pickings:
    Nobody in Africa had another tribes back (as they were more than likely warring with them just prior to the Slave Trade).

  14. Couldn't it also be argued that its less of a shared culture than the ability for a military power to dominate in conditions and environments they are used to? A military power taking over an area with a common environment will know how to defend that area but not how to expand into other different areas where the natives know better how to defend it. The military power could unite the area with a common language, currency, trade system, laws, infrastructure, and leader who determines cultural aspects such as religion and customs.

  15. I like to believe in the theory that because Asia, Middle-East and Europe had to war, trade and deal with each other made them strive for innovation. Trade brought knowledge, culture brought ways and war brought innovation but since most African countries only warred with each other they had no other input other than culture and that's why i think Egypt succeeded so well as they had to deal with the Middle-East and Europeans but that's just one theory i've heard.

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