How have dozens died in flooding in Germany? – BBC News


More than fifty people have died and thousands of others have been displaced by extensive flooding in parts of western Germany and Belgium.

In Germany – the most severely affected country – dozens of people are still missing.

The German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has called it a catastrophe, linking the events to climate change.

Ros Atkins looks at how the events unfolded and the impact across Europe.

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Date: September 23, 2021

40 thoughts on “How have dozens died in flooding in Germany? – BBC News

  1. Nothing to do with "Climate Change". The red green goverment decided to remove dams in the Ahrtal for reasons of "renaturation". They also expropriated water rights. And on top they filled the riverbed with gravel and cut trees for "flow dynamics".

  2. The rain disappeared into the ground in most areas but there is a lot of blank stone in the Eifel mountains so it ran down the valley as a flash flood. There was a house for mentally handicapped people. 10 drowned in the first floor – while the staff escaped.

  3. Angela Merkel can be shocked all she likes.
    She must have had hundreds of advisors telling her over the years that this is what climate change does and has already done to our planet. She and her party KNOW that their blocking of relevant action against climate change leads to people dying. They've known it for years and continue with business as usual every day. They don't care when similar catastrophes happen in Asia or Africa either. They care about not upsetting the automobile and coal industry and about getting a nicely paid job there after their political career is over.
    If it wasn't the year of the election I doubt there would be any substantial financial help for the victims at all.

  4. there actually had been more people rushing to help even if its not their job than official organisations.
    they arrived asap, while some villages waited for official help for 3 whole days.
    sorry, but it has to be said

  5. EXCUSE ME ?!? NOT THE RESIDENCE CLASSIFYING NATURAL DISASTER AS ✨CLASS✨ wether your country is rich or poor nature still hits you, no wonder it did to your country though

  6. I'm from Germany (Bavaria) and it's hard to watch, especially when you know people who live in the areas affected. I lived in Rheinland-Pfalz a few years ago and my friends near Ahrweiler send pictures and videos. It's not just the rain that's destroying the houses and the streets. It's the mud that's destroying the houses there to a point where they have to tear down houses completely and rebuild them. In the southern parts of Germany we also had massive rainfalls over the past few weeks. Especially Rosenheim and the Berchtesgadener Land were hit quite severly as well. We can just hope and pray now.

  7. Praying for Germany. Such a beautiful country with even beautiful kindhearted people. I remember getting lost in Germany with barely any money and my phone’s international roaming wasn’t working. A woman whom I asked if I could use her phone to call my friend was also kind enough to give me 20 euros for the taxi.

  8. 2 days ago. 07 28 21 At nytz in my room did I said it shake the ground under an earthquake if u know what I mean even in text I did say or said it on text my fone weekly text gudday 07 pray jesus meh with u ol!!07 the truthfulness of mine is the only way to the path of sou spirits of true faith 07

  9. Why these people don't build their houses and towns on the hills or food hills????????….. Don't they know the power of Nature????????…. Today we have a lot of information in Youtube videos from Peru or other places, where the power of the nature is so powerful that no man can match its power.

  10. Vegans eat plants; meat eaters eat animals who ate plants. So vegans lessen environmental damage. Imagine all the land needed for animals to use before they become meat

  11. So sorry for all the people affected. We are with you. I hope there is a way to help people 🇱🇰 🇬🇧 🇩🇪

  12. I pray that govts. all over find Jesus, Oh Jesus please send a "wakeup call" for our govts all over the world, so they finally do their job and help the people, primarily in curbing corruptions and help curb deforestations, build high rise buildings for the poor, so squatting of lands will be curbed and donate it for the forests needs, recycle plastics and pressure private corporations to stop using plastics, styrofoams, reduce pollutions and plant trees, speedup electric vehicles adoption, stop using crude oil, mass adoption for solar and wind energies, speedup adoption of veggies meat type so cows, chickens and pigs will no longer be slaughtered for food. We have to leave good legacy to next children of generations so they will still have mother earth. Lord Jesus, help us please…..

  13. A lady did a video saying a dam broke & thats not unusual..&she also said the videos are photos shopped mages.Time will tell if its judgment from the God of the Hebrews or not..Bless all the righteous people everywhere that have genuine love for others..

  14. Germans will be fine… No need to help… I always think and say that if POLAND was able to restore and rebuild from 60 years ago occupation and German invasion which grounded whole country, cities, building… This is freaking nothing to compare…… My god u Germs be happy at least kids didn't or not getting bullets at the back of the head.. You ll be fine 👍👍 open you bank accounts sell gold or art you have stolen and you will be perfectly fine and up on your feet in two weeks…….

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