How is Jurgen Klopp doing at Liverpool? Fans and experts' verdict – BBC Sport


Two years after Jurgen Klopp was appointed as Liverpool manager, Reds fans and experts give their verdict on the job the German has done so far at Anfield.

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Date: October 17, 2020

20 thoughts on “How is Jurgen Klopp doing at Liverpool? Fans and experts' verdict – BBC Sport

  1. 2 years on klopp has won the champions league trophy 🏆 and a premier league title 👏 lets not forget the supercup club world cup. He said within 4 years he said ill win a major title? He has won 2 major trophies in 5 years? The new season begins again in 9 days with Liverpool attempting to retain the league again? How times have changed?

  2. Now we are top of the table winning every game I feel like this is like the gerrard thing once he scored an og against Chelsea and a remember a friend saying he’s not good enough. I think that was when he first started is play time with us yet he is seen as a hero like Jurgen klopp!

  3. In Germany we say "wer zuletzt lacht, der lacht am besten" …
    whoever laughs last laughs best. Now two years later erverbody knows, that waiting on the progress is not wasted time with Kloppo. Liverpool is now one of the best (if not the best) clubs of the world. Well done, Kloppo.

  4. Who cares about the history we have to move forward and we have under klopp and that dickhead calling klopp a clown needs a punch in the face

  5. Guess who just won the Champions League buttheads!!! We won it six times, we won it six tiiiiiiiiiiiiiimes, all thanks to klopp, we won it six times.

  6. No manager could have achieved more/done better than Klopp has in his time @ Lpool so far. Just hope he stays longer than his normal 7 year cycle. Wish Mourinho had completed his 3 yr cycle & more @ Man U coz he was doing a damn good job of fkin them up. Oh well, they now got a “manager” from the Norwegian league trying to steer “the biggest club in the world” who still gets Ferguson to wipe his nose😂 Long may it continue

  7. A fair criticism of Klopp was his initial enthusiasm for Karius – thank god for Alisson ! (who of thought a Brazilian goalkeeper would save our season).

  8. 2019 he won the champions league with Liverpool, 2nd in pl with the highest points as second in the history of pl. I think that should answer your questions!

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