How Italy's Geography got Badly Nerfed


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Date: March 26, 2020

49 thoughts on “How Italy's Geography got Badly Nerfed

  1. In Roman times, the most important resource for fighting was manpower, which Italy had plenty of (thanks to fertile farmland, and Roman expertise at irrigation to create more). In WW2 the most important resources were coal, iron, and oil, which Italy had hardly any of.

  2. When it comes to Italy’s colonies, Ethiopia was a thorn to the Italian Empire. The colonizers were stomped on like a bunch of ants during the Battle of Adwa in 1896 & were forced to recognize Abyssinia as a country.

  3. The Italian peninsula is still quite important as a strategic position. As right now the Italian navy is the most powerful navy in the Mediterranean sea, it has the possibility to cut off Russian access to the Mediterranean sea and Atlantic Ocean (Russian ships have to pass through the Mediterranean sea to get to the Atlantic sea), and Crimea holds the most important naval base of Russia, therefore Italy has the possibility to "imprison" the Russian navy in the Black sea.
    And Italy can also be a "huge airbase" to control the Mediterranean sea, just like the UK was for the English channel during ww2.

  4. People seem to forget Italy has the second oldest average population in the world after Japan, also the vast majority of its deaths are seniors, Spain is quickly catching up.

  5. Italia was NEVER supposed to be a United country. It didn't work in 1870, and it doesn't work today. Any objective historian would have to admit that. The Revival of the Kingdom of two Sicilies would be the correct move.

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