How Labour lost, and the hope that endures | Anywhere but Westminster


John Harris and John Domokos finish their election road trip with a rain-sodden journey to Milton Keynes alongside enthusiastic young Labour activists, followed by a repeat visit to Stoke-on-Trent – where they watch the party’s working class vote collapse, the endpoint of a story Anywhere But Westminster has been tracing for 10 years. But in among the electoral rubble, they find overlooked signs of a better future

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Date: January 21, 2020

37 thoughts on “How Labour lost, and the hope that endures | Anywhere but Westminster

  1. Think your video shows you why you got so fantastically beat these people are infiltrating labour there not working class there uni inner city bubble heads that's being told from lecturers what to do cant look out for themselves

  2. The hope of the nation has already been realized with the last election results. The crazed left wing politics represented by this publication are not shared with the majority of the nation as represented by those results. As it stands, the hopes of communists and foreigners are being quashed politically and rightly so. Enjoy the disenfranchisement my globalist and socialist friends. 😘

  3. Amazing, whether here in the US or Britain or anywhere else in the world how the Left resembles a defacto cult- with the black vs white world view (all pun intended), the cartoonish pantheon of villains and heroes, the accepted dogmas that tolerate no dissent regardless how estranged from experience or real world observation.

    These True Believers seen in this video show a purity of purpose regarding income inequality yet they remain happily oblivious to abject failures of socialism in Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Asia, Eastern Europe and the untold misery caused by the Religion of Egalite.

    Then compare these sincere Labourites to the legions of their fellow socialists in NYC, Hollywood, Silicon Valley, and West End London who segregate their own children in exclusive schools (almost all white), flaunt their wealth at Fashionweek and charter private jets to awards shows or film shoots while pointing accusing fingers at the middle classes for using too much fossil fuels. And also they make sure to tell us all how wonderful govt-run healthcare is while NONE of these BBC/Hollywood leftists would ever dare wait in a queue at the usual public hospital- their doctors are very private and very expensive.

  4. The two black people who appeared at 4.00 min. By their accent, their parents would have come to this country presumably for a better life. It wouldn't have been under a Labour Government.

  5. What divides people mostly in politics these days is not economics but culture. And the major parties to the left of politics around the world continuously do not get it. Seriously, how do you reconcile the values of a metropolitan progressive and 'small C' conservative up in the country?

    More so and perhaps worse yet, even when they talk of economics to working class people, their angle is continuously misjudged. They talk about redistribution, taxation and excess profit. Where as, the working man's predominate outlook on economic issues is simply the ability to earn an income. To sum it up perfectly, the late Great Labour union reformer Samuel Gompers put it best when he said; 'the worst crime that can befall the working man is a company which fails to operate at a profit'- The working man might not have the political vocabulary to articulate this, but knows it in his/her bones and as such, deeply suspicious of those whose radical ambitions is antagonistic to business.

  6. Funny the little man talking about the NHS come to Australia our public hospitals are the same full of druggies hogging the beds , while the whole system gets robbed by shonky admin

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