HOW MUCH does BALI COST? Digital Nomad Lifestyle


How much does is cost to live in Bali? Well, Whether you’re a digital nomad working from your computer in Canggu or someone looking for an escape, I tracked my expenses in Bali Indonesia for 30 days to show you what it’s like to live in Bali and how much you should expect to pay.

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Date: January 11, 2020

41 thoughts on “HOW MUCH does BALI COST? Digital Nomad Lifestyle

  1. Hey 👋 I’ve been watching ur videos lately and this have made more eager to travel Bali.if I travel Bali is it possible for me to meet u cuz I need some guidance about YouTube and stuff❤️thank u plss do reply 🙏🏻

  2. I started doing photography 3 years ago (alias Rian Brolly on insta) and recently picked up a D810, will be in Bali and Thailand later this year. Any photography specific destinations I would love to know. Also wondering about how you travel with gear, what sorta pack you bring along with you. I am thinking of bringing something like a 45L bag with camera insert so I can make it a carry on and day pack. Thanks for your info and the video.

  3. Thanks so much for taking the time and effort to track all this and share! I also splurged on the Body Factory … so worth it! The cost of supplements though… man, it hurts! I'm in Thailand now, and BCAAs were like $40, for what I usually spend <$20 on in the states. >_<

  4. I used to live in bali with my husband for a few months a couple years ago.
    We didn't spent that much, basically just different life style 😅😅

    For all of u want to stay a month in bali, u can rent a room monthly with local people start arround $150 / month.
    Rent motorbike monthly cost arround $120 / month.

    Cost living in bali depends on your life style.
    We were live in legian area and It wasn't bad. Especially if u want to try their local foods, like chicken satay – nasi goreng (fried rice) n others. It start cost arround $1,50 / portion.

    Btw, I used to rent a little house their as well n it was cost almost $230 / month include electricity.
    Must be up now..

  5. Coffee at home isn’t the same though compared to all the good coffee in Bali Bro😂 Thats the big killer! …. Addicted to BGS almond milk cap…. hahahahah and as I typed that you were in the Canggu shop😊 lol… I’m out in Ulu! Great vid Bro! Interesting to see someone’s POV and costs on Bali👌🤙 Keep up the great work!🙏

  6. Okay, what did Dad do to allow you this privilege existence? Lets hear it. Because Im one of them people that dares to ask what puppetry is going on before me. And I always find out

  7. Wow. I’ve done Portugal for 37ish $ per day, even less, renting a place and a car and occasionally going restaurants. Your “more budget” option is not that budget. And in what universe 1000$ isn’t a huge amount for renting a place…

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