How The Coronavirus Outbreak Could Affect Your Travel Plans | TODAY


With coronavirus cases confirmed in 38 countries, growing fears of a pandemic could significantly affect your travel plans. As spring break and summer vacation approach, many families are wondering what to do. NBC national correspondent Miguel Almaguer reports for TODAY.
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How The Coronavirus Outbreak Could Affect Your Travel Plans | TODAY


Date: October 14, 2020

29 thoughts on “How The Coronavirus Outbreak Could Affect Your Travel Plans | TODAY

  1. You know what.Since china started this virus 🦠 they should end it and find a cure.The 🇺🇸 USA,Canada,Italy,India,Russia,Isreal,Asia should stop working to find a cure and get there money back.

  2. Trump just announced that we have 43 million facemasks available. Wow that's enough for New York City for a week. That's if they only use one a day. Usage directions state change when moist.

  3. People are freaking out over something with a 2% fatality when they have a higher chance of dying in a car accident on their way to work every day

  4. My girlfriend and I went cruising casinos here in SoCal last night and we were surprised that all the casinos were packed and other than a few here and there were wearing any masks, and some with masks had them pulled down to their necks not covering their nose or mouth.

  5. Wow, the girl with the suitcases and the clothes. She is LUCKY! agency cancelled the trip, she will have full refund. Why she complaining? She spoiled rotten or sumthin?

  6. When the U.S sees outbreaks it's not going to come from people coming from China but some other country on another continent. Wake up CDC.

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