How the Delta variant took hold in the UK – BBC News


As the UK deals with a third wave of coronavirus infections, the BBC’s Ros Atkins traces the story of the Delta variant, from its arrival to how it became the dominant strain of Covid-19, leading to a delay in the easing of restrictions across the country.

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Date: September 19, 2021

32 thoughts on “How the Delta variant took hold in the UK – BBC News

  1. And months alter it's happening here too (look up "Outbreak: How Australia lost control of the COVID Delta variant")

  2. When are people going to realise the covid 19 virus is a mutated influenza virus. Look at facts there is no more talk about you getting your flu jab no more talk about 11,000 deaths a year from flu why because it has been tampered with to create a new strain as with all other countries it gets mutated by man then re realised to the world which explains different variants and names.

  3. UK government players looking more like trumpo’s American insanity, we mistakenly called our government.
    Boris an idiot or child? Hancock😣 apparently against humanity in general??

  4. Delta varient came from UK to India first but yet the world is calling delta varient as India varient!! I mean come on!!! You (UK)gave it to us India !!!

  5. This is the beginning of the end. The world will never be the same again. This virus is spreading and really nothing is being effective to stop it. Cause we can't keep creating new vaccines everytime this virus mutates

  6. remember all those awful surges of infections OR EVEN deaths we had lately and the focus on so called DELTA VARIANT

    said no one except lying extremists running agenda based public health teams – the one here in Ireland needs to see its members imprisoned as soon as possible. Ireland is sliding into medical authoritarianism , its the new ideology.

  7. There is no way of testing for the Delta variant, so how do we know how many cases of the delta variant there are? The BBC is propaganda and nothing else. Stop paying your license like I did 20 years ago, there is nothing they can do about it and there is nothing on the channel worth watching, certainly for the amount of money you pay. BBC news journalists would sell their own Grandmothers into slavery, absolutely vile people.

  8. Why even care about this for the last 5 months less than 100 a people a day died from covid in the UK. Everybody who has a risk from dying is already vaccinated, and the people dying are the weak and sick old timers or unhealthy anti vaxxers.

    Maybe we should just continue with our life? So what the cases are going up it’s just nothing more than a nuisance but it will enhance your immune system and prevent you from getting covid again.

  9. A real refugee is supposed to go to the first safe country. This is international law.Why are they allowed to cross the whole of Europe to come to Britain? They should be returned immediately to that first safe country. These people are not refugees they are NOT economic migrants.

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