How the Taliban seized Afghanistan again – BBC News


Taliban fighters have swept across Afghanistan taking control of towns and cities.

Ros Atkins looks back at recent events in Afghanistan, and how the Taliban managed to takeover.

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Date: September 11, 2021

38 thoughts on “How the Taliban seized Afghanistan again – BBC News

  1. The poor Afghan people live in a miserable corner of the world. After 20 years of aggressive war and destruction, the participating countries must be responsible and compensate the Afghan people with trillions of dollars.

  2. Biggest mistake Taliban made was by not making Afghanistan the biggest cemetery for the US citizens outside USA..

  3. Talibans win why. When few people with no special power but spirits and faith is touching height of sky, they can defeat anyone. Whole history is filled with these stories. It is one of the greatest event of this century.

  4. All please understand that most in usa are upset and ashamed by our governments plan to leave. People voted Biden for president. He is seen as weak by the Taliban and Biden proved this and continues too.
    I stopped voting after I voted for Obama thinking he would help but didn't. Saw our government for what they are. So I choose to not vote. I agree we needed to leave but the way it was done was completely insane on so many levels. But now Afghanistan is in control, mainly by the Taliban, there are alot of groups like Taliban in Afghanistan.

  5. Taliban overtakes governments and in response "…the U.N. was speaking out…" = And that's one reason the Taliban wins. They use actions. The U.N. uses words.

  6. Afghanistan was a success story in 1950s; building dams, irrigation of deserts, building infrastructure, agriculture, education, and some sort of booming middle class. In 1980s, foreign support of fundamentalist against Russia was a grave mistake and it was the beginning of the end. It's so sad to see a country once was almost a model for development is imploding and radicals once supported by US is the culprit of all problems from Afghanistan to Middle East.

  7. No outsider has right to attack Afghanistan to forcefully implement their Imperialism.
    So, plz Shut up Your Imperialism. And You west Don't meddle In other countries affairs🤐🤐🤐

  8. Pakistan is the Arsonist in Afghanistan, not the Fire brigade….
    With Friends like PAKISTAN Who needs Enemies? For 20 long years they have made a dimwit sucker and fools of USA and UK, to play victim where as they were the perpetrators.
    Pakistan bred and armed Taliban since 2005 and as their former Gen. Hameed Gul had said, Pakistani ISI will defeat USA with the help of USA.

    Shame on USA to have thrown the Afghan allies to the Talibani Terrorist Wolves,

  9. Saw Philippa Thomas interview Christine Fair, and I can say that the level of intelligence in BBC TV journalists has hit a new low today.

    Philippa Thomas was making a basic mistake by disregarding Christine Fair's explanations as political rhetoric by saying that there is no Pakistani diplomat to counter her. Philippa should know that Christine is an academic/researcher/expert and her conclusions are based on data/facts and not rhetoric.

  10. What on EARTH are they talking about, "unexpected"? Have they been living on another planet to the rest of us? Many observers have been predicting for YEARS that as soon as US forces left the corrupt and incompetent Afghan government forces would fall very quickly to the Taliban. No surprise there!

  11. 👹 islam☠️is 👹 terrorist☠️ religion👹👹☠️ wake up European presidents don't be stoipd you don't love your countries?

  12. The Afghans military wasn't prepared and got spooked by Taliban Propaganda of commandos executions and lay down without a fight. This left the Taliban free to just walk in and punish other's. Propaganda once again to keep them terrified. 2022 will be the execution record by the Taliban because of the Afghan military cowardism. They will torture and get information and execute thousands of people when they start getting into their regular routine.

  13. Oh the hypocrisy of the world!!!!
    Yesterday they were dropping bombs on women men and children, also arming, funding, encouraging genocide, apartheid, racism and settler colonialism in Palestine and talks "human rights" in Afghanistan.
    If you really care about women rights look at Palestine and France, France where women are forced to take hijab off

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