How To Cook South Indian Veg Meal
Veg Lunch Recipe
Simple South Indian Thali

If you wondering what to prepare for today’s lunch, If guest arrived suddenly? then no problem, you can Find simple south Indian Vegetarian Lunch preparation here in this video. In this video of south indian veg meal we have shown you the native cooking method of south Indian vegetarian or thali meals. and of course this is Especially the TamilNadu village style of cooking.

For regular cooking @ your kitchen _ Cook with the ingredients which we used here, To get secret taste for your regular Dishes _ But the measurement of ingredients are up to your need

Tiny Clay Pots is used to cook “South Indian Veg Meal” in Turmeric Cultivation Land

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The Tiny Foods is doing Outdoor Tiny food Cooking in outdoor in village style with Tiny Clay Pots.

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