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Alright guys since the weather was so nice we had to get outside. It turned out to be a little too hot which was fine but it made for quite the sweaty adventure haha. Come along for a hike with both of us and FRANK of course!!! Then we stop into a grocery store and get supplies to make some delicious sandwiches. Also, we reveal our big travel plans that you don’t wanna miss!!

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Date: May 6, 2020

48 thoughts on “How to Make a Vanwich // Delicious Eats & Travel News!

  1. Watching you both at the grocery store is very funny, Allie let Trent have his bakery favorite. 😃
    And regarding the Vanwich i'll get to taste it tommorrow!
    Thanks so much for your good work on this cool videos!

  2. The fiber in fruit negates the sugar…the amount of sugar in white bread doesn't harm the liver 'cause the fiber negates it…but if you eat a ton of sugar a day your liver becomes that of an alcoholic ….except it is a lot quicker for someone that consumes sugar all day then an alcoholic because it takes like 30 years of heavy abuse of alcohol to turn to sugar attacking the liver…

  3. You guys Don’t need sugar. your sweet Enough as it is. Seriously there is good sugar and there is bad sugar the good sugar that God created is found in fruits and all natural things the Bad Suger man-made foods especially chocolate eclairs yummy sweets chocolates which I love & so on

  4. Flying over the ocean is the worst! I feel your pain Trent. Something about not having the option to land if your plane breaks down…a car you can just pull over…a plane over the ocean…no shoulder to pull over onto. I fly anyway but I don't like it.

  5. I like both of you just fine, but I like Frank the best! Btw, with as much excercisevas you get, you could eat all the eclairs in the bakery and be fine. Allie is just being mean.

  6. <3 How much better can a day be! Enjoy today 🙂 Enjoy the Beauty of one another and being in a new place. Can you imagine being WITHOUT one another? I bet not

  7. I lived in Italy for a couple of years. The weather can change pretty fast so don't be too bummed about the predictions. Also if you do have bad weather the museums are amazing! Especially the museum that houses The David In Florence, I was amazed at how many other statues there were, some that were just as amazing as David. Also in some of the main locations a good tip for eating at restaurants is to look at the menus that are posted outside the restaurant for prices and what they serve. My family just picked a restaurant that looked cool and we ended up having an extremely expensive meal, delicious but very pricy ! Have fun !! I can't wait to see the videos! P.S. if you get motion sick on flights you can take Ginger Pills they work great especially for long flights when your stomach is sure to be angry at you. lol

  8. Don't worry about flying, as a pilot I can talk about how safe it is. The news makes a big deal about every airplane problem because they are rare. Even if an airplane loses an engine it really is not a big deal, the plane can easily fly minus an engine and the pilots spend hours and hours training for things to go wrong so that they can handle them if they do occur. Have fun and relax.

  9. Cream eclairs vs strawberries…yea…"everything ends up as 'toxins in your liver"….whatchyagonnado…."cut your buns"…haha….Hooray for Europe and travels to places where they don't speak your language….In Firenze there are so many things to see…Try San Marco…Lovely art filled convent/church/museum… more manageable than Ufizzi or Pitti…wondrous place..esp. the Fra Angelico frescoes ..gli affreschi… Also there are great views over the city from Piazzale Michelangelo…[…I remember biking up to there and all around…]…Know that you will be in Italy in tourist season…next time try smaller lovely towns like Lucca, Siena, Cortona, Assisi….ahhh…..HAVE A BLAST IN YOUR TRAVELS!!!…
    Yeah that's right folks, Continue to watch the madcap "Adventures of Homegirl, Gingerdude, and Frankthedog" [Frank's the Star!!]…haha..

  10. All the shows I watch like yours I love yours the best. The mountain biking you all do is awesome. I ride on mountains too but with Quads we goto a place in Patton PA call Rock Run.

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