How To Start Teaching Your Dog Boundaries


How to teach your dog boundaries. This is how to start!
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Date: October 18, 2020

27 thoughts on “How To Start Teaching Your Dog Boundaries

  1. We have upped our instagram game! If you really like learning about training dogs, we have some great content up over there including videos, live streams, and instagram stories! Http:// @zakgeorge

  2. We have 2 dogs. They are both really active and the same age… but we keep trying to train them from dog training classes and one of our dogs keeps running out of our house though a hole in the gate. They are 1 now and we are having a lot of trouble training them…. and one of them killed our neighbors fish. Any advice?

  3. The problem is if I open the gate he sees another world and he runs if he is even a bit nervous he goes straight run for it and pee everywhere

  4. Hi how can I stop my samoyed dog bite me? It's just a play but it's really pain the way he play. What should I do?

  5. I’m going to try and train my dog boundaries tomorrow because she is currently being nervous and her tongue feels hot so I’m going to try and wait it out

  6. I have a 3 year old rescue dog who has no respect of personal space. And will knock me over. I need help. She is teaching my other dog bad manners.

  7. This is basically teaching the dog to stay when you tell him to do so. The trained dog doesn't understand the boundary there, but the puppy is adorable so I like it. 😃💚

  8. Zak, your videos are so good. I really do enjoy the tips, especially with a Samoyed. Many of my viewers ask for help on training puppy Samoyeds and you’ve been such a great resource. Yeti and I had gone to puppy training, but there was so much distraction. It’s good to learn how to do this at home. Thanks for your great direction!

  9. I have a 1 year old GS and he leaves the gate when its opened sometimes, he started doing that more now.. and damn idk how to train him, I've tried e collar, walking with him on leash and whenever he goes near the gate I pull him back and say "No"… idk what else 🤧.. I'm not the best trainer and I'm stupid for not being on his ass and training him since a puppy

  10. What type of treat are tou using, because I've been working with my new Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, who's going to be 3months old and she does not like the small chicken treats and the beef one she likes them, but not much. She's very smart and of course she's on the difficult stage of bitting, not paying attention and peeing all over the place. So am getting a rough time.
    But willingly patient with my bew baby. Following your videos and IG page.

  11. Man I got 3 rescues and 3 puppies none of which have any sense of training. I need to binge these videos. I just want to walk through the house in peace

  12. Zak george you are the best dog trainer i have ever seen, you use positive reinforcements to train. Thanks keep up the good work. Zak my goldador 1 year old picks up stones,branches and plastic in her mouth, whatever she sees she will pick in her mouth and begin to chew and eat . Can you please help me

  13. I must say that I'm really impressed by your content and I've seen quite alot of your videos already. I admire that you're one of those dog trainers who make youtube videos that actually manage to break up dog training into steps that are neither too "simplistic" nor overwhelming to to those watching. In my experience it's rather the ladder part that many other dog training videos on youtube do wrong, by trying to either directly or indirectly talk down on other dog trainers, especially those who are new to having a dog/puppy by just listing up a bunch of stuff you need to worry about, without making people aware that it's ok to not be a perfect dog trainer with your new dog/puppy as long as you're consistent and follow up with your training. Your content is something I'm gonna recommend to anyone i know who wants to learn more about training dogs and also keep up the good work, you're great!

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