How Your Toothbrush Became a Part of the Plastic Crisis | National Geographic


What does the American Civil War have to do with oral hygiene? Find out in the first episode of “The Story of Plastic” where we investigate how everyday objects became part of the plastic crisis.
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Read more in “How your toothbrush became a part of the plastic crisis”

How Your Toothbrush Became a Part of the Plastic Crisis | National Geographic

National Geographic


Date: February 16, 2020

41 thoughts on “How Your Toothbrush Became a Part of the Plastic Crisis | National Geographic

  1. It's too bad clip. 1 toothbrush is used many months. How about the drink bottle, especially the soft drink? How many plastic bottle you use in the same time with toothbrush in average?

  2. Im ready to make the switch. I have already stopped using bottle shampoos, conditioner, soap. Now I bar soaps and there’s literally no difference. We have to stop usin plastic as much as possible before its too late.

  3. feels like a video about nothing. offers no practice alternatives and gives very little trivial information.
    and the toothbrush waste is much lower if you stick to the facts – practically no one changes their toothbrush every 4 month.. maybe MAYBE ones a year.

  4. Stellar. I really liked this video. Thanks. I appreciate the alternatives given for toothbrush. You are correct. Change does take time. It would be quite a culture shock for people within the states to change to a bamboo chew stick! Jaja! 😀

  5. I agree with all the other options except for the bamboo toothbrush. This is because of one reason: Pandas. It’s their main diet and if we keep on using their diet up pretty soon they won’t have a lot of food left and we can possibly cause their extinction. Pandas are already endangered animals so we shouldn’t make that worse by using bamboo.

  6. hey NatGeo – i can find all those brushed you suggest at my local health-food stores but the natural bamboo handle with natural hog-hair bristles. i can only get part-way there, but there will still be a plastic component. PLEASE HELP! post links or something, give us the brand names so we can google them. i refuse to continue to use any plastic eventually destined for the waste-stream in my daily hygiene routine. my toothpaste is now plastic-waste free, my deodorant as well, but my toothbrush is still plastic. :*(

  7. India was using Neem for brushing since thousands of year back.. My uncle is age of 50, still doing neem brushing, my grandmother is of age 80, still doing charcoal brushing by fingers.. they don't have any teeth problems

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