Hundreds missing after devastating fire in world’s biggest refugee camp – BBC News


More than 400 people are missing and 15 confirmed dead after a fire at a huge refugee camp in Bangladesh.

Tens of thousands of Rohingya muslims who had fled persecution in neighbouring Myanmar are now homeless once again.

The authorities in Bangladesh say they have begun an investigation into how the fire started at the camp in Cox’s Bazar.

Sophie Raworth presents BBC News at Ten reporting by South Asia correspondent Rajini Vaidyanathan.

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Date: September 12, 2021

44 thoughts on “Hundreds missing after devastating fire in world’s biggest refugee camp – BBC News

  1. Revelation 16:8 "And the fourth angel poured out his vial upon the sun; and power was given unto him to scorch men with fire" prophecy of the bible unfolding before our very eyes…but it's just fairy tale huh?

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  4. There are billions of Bangladesh.
    Living on the streets. and there know didrent. There a live. Live in Bangladesh is heard. For the poor. Living in tin huts.
    Look in ever cies. I do thrill for them .
    But as long as we have greedy people in the would the this will grow bigger.
    You now for ever 10 puned you give to Charles 1 puned go's the them . This as to stop. This is why I will not give muney to them . I hand my muney to the people in the streets

  5. Pls. Pray the rosary to combat war, calamities,famine, disease,corruption, ,prostitution, drugs, abortion, divorce, materialism,vices,climate change.pls pray for peace, love and joy on all families and home…

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  7. Go home and fight for your country, why die as a refugee dose not apply to small children or one parent to take care of them.

  8. Fire has been deliberately ignited.. The culprits should be caught and punished.. May one God destroy those behind these mishap.. Amen

  9. this is so tragic. I wonder if the fire was deliberate? I can't imagine the trauma these women are going through losing their children, the thought of the children missing is disturbing.

  10. How sad….Prayers and heartfelt sympathies for the people and families… why don't they leave them alone already?! They've left… so senseless smdh…

  11. Is this a modern World under so much expensive internacional organismos ONU etc.? The more advances the so call civilización, the more un human It gets. The head of the human spear is in nuclear prowdess

  12. Very bad things going on in this place, slot of volcanoes, earthquakes , remember the tsunami caused by large earthquakes. They need to quit protesting. Jesus is coming s soon. They need to start praying.

  13. Oh lord….I just dont know what to say I'm tired of the tragedies and the loss I'm tired of seeing the suffering I'm tired ….

  14. Omg could could this get any worse for these people, my heart goes out to these people for all that they are going through, if there is anyone up their, please please help them

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