Hunter Seriously Injured After Deadly Lion Attack | Human Prey S1 EP6 | Wonder


When a group of hunters find themselves face to face with a wild lion the reality of the risk a wild animal can pose becomes all too real when the big cat attacks.

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Human Prey follows the tales of extreme animals attacks and meets the individuals who witness first hand the true danger of the animal kingdom.

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Date: May 6, 2020

40 thoughts on “Hunter Seriously Injured After Deadly Lion Attack | Human Prey S1 EP6 | Wonder

  1. You take your gun off, don't check for your gun before getting out the jeep, get out the jeep empty handed, to "CHASE" a adolescent male lion away?! Sorry but with that level of stupidity and carelessness, it was only a matter of time.

  2. The second guy's idea of protection from vicious animals at night = chairs! Are you freaking kidding me?? I've seen a lot of stupid decisions made by people in these videos, but that is the peak of stupidity! You're surrounded by alligators, hippos, lions and hyenas but don't bring any guns??? You're asking for death! The fact that this guy is alive is nothing short of a miracle…

    Smh, as humans we really are cocky. We like to believe we're invincible and nothing will ever happen to us. But never should we forget how unforgiving nature can be, and when we go into predators territory, it should be done with extreme caution. There's no room for getting comfortable, you ALWAYS need to be on high alert or else you will be these predators next meal. If you're not going to be prepared, don't go at all!

  3. Wish both the lions and the hyena could’ve finished their meals. Would’ve done both themselves and humanity a huge favor by decapitating these idiots

  4. The conservationists went back to work because of the love, passion and respect they have for these wild animals.chilling experiences though but that's how it is in the wild you just have to be on the look out.i respect these conservationists for their work👏👏👍✊

  5. Yeah I Can Recall Your Ancestors Feeding Our Babies To The Alligators ! What an Atrocity ! Seems That What We Sow Returns Back 7 Fold ! I See as Sad ! But The Question I Have Is Whom Told You That You Could Make A Pet OF A LION
    And Put Them In Cages You Need To Back Up And Leave Those LIONS BE !
    Those LIONS Belong To GOD ! Not People

  6. This pandemic has given an opportunity to watch some very good short videos like these…

    I just didn't understand the logic of the guy, in the first story…
    # he left his revolver
    # acted funny… I mean, if a lion isn't moving & showing arrogance when been pushed by a large vehicle, is he going to listen to the man, when he gets down from the vehicle… & try to shoo him???.
    … Come on… A wild life conservationist behaving in such manner….
    … Surprising…

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