Hypocrisy 'at the heart' of the Black Lives Matter movement


The Black Lives Matter movement lost a lot of support when its leaders failed to condemn the widespread violence and looting conducted in the wake of George Floyd’s death, according to Turning Point USA’s Rob Smith.

Protesters took to the street at the end of last month after George Floyd’s death in custody in the US city of Minneapolis on May 25th.

The images of Mr Floyd pinned to the floor beneath the knee of police officer Derek Chauvin inspired protests across the country.

Mr Chauvin has subsequently been charged with second-degree murder and second-degree manslaughter.

Three other offices involved in Mr Floyd’s death have also been charged.

While many protested police brutality peacefully, there were also shocking examples of violence, particularly in Minneapolis where widespread looting, riots and arson took place.

Mr Smith told Sky News the response to Mr Floyd’s death show the “hypocrisy of what is going on” in Black Lives Matter movement.

“The vast majority of people that were affected by the devastated in Minneapolis, which by the way there is devastated in New York City, devastation in Atlanta, the people who are going to be living with the effects of this are African American,” he said.

To excuse some of the brutality we saw in those riots, to excuse the destruction, to excuse the amount of people who had their livelihoods absolutely destroyed in the names of Black Lives Matter… I don’t think it’s a good thing to excuse it.”

Where a lot of the leaders of that movement truly lost me, and I believe they lost a lot of people, is when they didn’t speak out against this destruction when this first started because it helped them further their agenda.”


Date: July 18, 2020

42 thoughts on “Hypocrisy 'at the heart' of the Black Lives Matter movement

  1. its so disturbing to see all the social media and mainstream back BLM. Seems like a lot of people especially younger ones are getting brainwashed. Folks we need to be alert, it's a covert assault against us. Us being, We The People.

  2. It should be called" Some Black Lives Matter" , but most don't. This BLM is so obviously
    Marxist and doesn't represent Black People other then themselves. They fill the gullible
    and manipulate much of the media with their misinformation to create a facade for their nefarious and dangerous ideology that does anything but support the "Honest and Law
    Abiding Citizens" that had their entire life's earnings destroyed by these hypocrites .

  3. BLM aka Antifa is the democratic party….nothing to do with any race….this party i hope get dismantled after trumps reelection. the large companies donating can only survive with Chinese slave labor to make their phone, shoes, tv's, cheap plastic junk etc…and dems let them sell out the usa. follow the money trail lol all this donated money goes to thousand currents, act blue etc…mmmm dem party…if you notice its all dem cities and they let them burn and loot, whats got massive folks mad is that they killing like 8 year old baby girls in atlanta, 14 year old children in seattle and grandstanding spending cash on blm street paintings acting proud that they are murdering children and brainwashing a tiny amount of college kids that will regret latter in life what they have done.

  4. “Racism is taught. Children do not know what racism is. Everyone is equal in their eyes.” Sane US citizen

    BLM.con is creating more division and hate, and they know it!! They will turn you into a zombie who is full of hate and hypocrisy!!

    BLM = communist warfare Ep3 trailer



    Terrorist puppets are on the streets full of hate because they took the bait, smashing in windows and stealing air fryers from Walmart is exactly what we need right?? I say defund double faced terrorist groups who purposely divide for power and votes!!

    BLM is an anti Cop political movement; worse, It’s one that is extremely anti-American, and this twisted movement is of the devil, yet they are walking around like angels of light asking for your donations!?? Wake up BLM zombie converts!!!

    Planned Parenthood supports Black Lives Matter, and this terrorist group is not against abortions, the 350,000 + BLACK BABIES being terminated in 2019 alone, they support murder, and their asking for your donations!?? Human rights issue BLM.con? Crickets!?? If you want justice stop the hypocrisy, and if you don't then you are what I think you are, which is a double faced terrorist group / communist organization looking for votes and zombie donations!!??

  5. Black Lives Matter is run by Marxists and wants to replace our government with a fascist state. There New York leader Hawk Newsome is willing to burn down our institutions if the poor baby doesn't get his way.

  6. Blm has nothing to do with black lives. BLM is a marxists organization that wants to tear down America. Blacks being used again and blacks fall for it again. Resist, vote Republican.

  7. It is ironic, really… reading so many angry comments about the "leftists" , the dem agenda, main media brainwashing people, and the protesters who have ALL been labeled as angry rioters. You guys are all being brainwashed, lol. There is nothing "free thinking" about you so long as you soak in what you're seeing in the media and news articles that are feeding your hate and outrage. EDUCATE yourselves. THINK for yourselves. If you CANNOT make a justifiable argument for BOTH sides then you're not using your comprehension skills properly. Nixon and Reagan used the same rhetoric to create wider gaps in America and the cycle continues. The government leaders, whether repub or dem do NOT care about you as a citizen or as a people. They care about division. Arm yourself with knowledge, exercise compassion, and reach out to someone with an opposing view than your own. Work towards peace in yourself and your neighbor. Otherwise… no matter what side you're on, it'll never be the "winning" side. People always want to bring up MLK but never talk about how he died. That was the government agencies and mafia cooperation. Educate. Educate. Educate. If this comment offends you, ask yourself why.

  8. Not one person I know supports what we saw on TV at the protests, we saw arson, rioting, mass looting, destruction of private property , shootings and disrespect to our policemen for nothing else but being a policemen.   The absolute and total disregard for the many Innocent business owners whom will never be able to return after this . The look on this minority guy and his wife's face after their business was looted was so heartbreaking … this is not the America that I know . Martin Luther King fought against the very things we are watching

  9. I feel for George and policing needs change to stop this however the whole movement accompanying this event is complete regressive maneuvering to sway the simpletons away from Trump and likely again it will backfire because other people see through their constant bullshit. For ex, this event with George means everyone is racist and treating blacks horrible and that is complete bullshit in 2020

  10. Because of this coronavirus a lot of elderlies including white elderlies have given up their own lives by giving the tanks of oxygen and the machines that gives oxygen that they need to help all the people who were infected with the virus no matter what race they were. But these BLM protestor seem to forget that and just say white people are racist.

  11. I pointed out these hypocrisies from the beginning along with relevance to extremism who those who support groups line NoI spew. Yet because I’m white it’s deemed racist and dismissed as ‘proximity’ crime, which is nothing more than an excuse to ignore it where relevant,

  12. I think it is time for tribe mentality. I don't need them just let me live my life, you live yours, you raise your family I will raise mine. Don't take my money in taxes to support your agenda. Let's have all white communities and all black ones each supporting their families.

  13. "Privilege" = Being a decent human being who works and lives peacefully. If you are so afraid of being killed by the police, stop doing things that warrant police to be called IN THE FIRST PLACE.

  14. Turning Point USA needs to be heard by all of America!! Because it would take the wind out of the sails of BLMs. I respect Candace Owens so much for speaking the truth despite the personal hardship it has caused her.

  15. How come Fox News and Sky News in Australia, are to the right and I'm assuming they are both the same company (correct me if I am wrong) and yet, in the UK, Sky News, appears to be left wing or at least appeasers of Black Lives Matter?

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