I Shouldn't Be Alive S1E03-Escape From The Amazon


Kevin Gale, Marcus Stamm & Yashi Ghensberg are off to the amazon for an adventure of a lifetime. There they encounter a shady tour guide named Karl Rupretcher. Karl misleads the three into thinking there is an ancient Indian civilization where they can find gold. Along the way the group seperates and it become a battle to survive.

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Date: May 6, 2020

46 thoughts on “I Shouldn't Be Alive S1E03-Escape From The Amazon

  1. Kevin and Yossi about their DEAD FRIEND Marcus : "He was over sensitive, weak, not cut out for the jungle, he was always complaining, he couldn't walk, he was slowing us down, their dream to see the indians was gone "because of Marcus" and so on.

    There is a proverb in my country which says: "With friends like this, you don't need enemies!"

    I'm pretty sure they killed Marcus (or they just left him die alone in the forest) and they made up this austrian guide story. You don't talk like this about a so called friend you lost unless you hated him.

  2. How the fuck did kevin have the balls to say he felt no guilt about leaving Marcus behind what an arrogant asshole RIP Marcus n fuck kevin honestly

  3. 21:35 he says I left my chopper behind… I tell you what I like about that honesty and let me say
    Also mate don't feel stupid bud it happens… I'm glad you made it out in one peace with your buddy I wishy u both nothing but happiness and and positive out comes in both your life's 💪✌💜🇬🇧👍

  4. Hunt for animais, eat forest food and get water supplies from the river, GREAT PLAN! And btw, I don't know if you can kill animals around it. But It is an amazing place! Although I am from Brazil I got to experience a little bit of the colombian Amazon and we should all respect this place.

  5. Poor Marcus. I feel bad for what happened. But definitely poor planning. If he knew he didn’t want to eat any hunted animals, he should have packed food appropriately. AND on top of that, get a legit tour guide. Not some random person. Two preventable mistakes.

  6. The LOCALS tell you not to and you go…😐 Sorry, but oh well. Sick of arrogant people. Samuel L. Jackson tells you not to go into 1408… And you do it anyway because ego and reasons? 🤷🏾‍♂️ Alrighty…

  7. I rather die with my bestfriends together than living knowing I left my bestfriends behind. Only two people in my life I’ll do that for. Rather die with honor.

  8. The part about the ants really stuck with me. I cant imagine going through that. Not to mention all the other bugs and creatures these dudes had to deal with while sleeping in the jungle with NO tent or sleeping equipment. Insane at night. Literally dozens of poisonous creatures crawling around.

  9. Something feels off. I don't believe they left Marcus behind. The 2 men admitted that they were all arguing on the raft. Seems like they possibly separated from the guide (if there was one) and killed Marcus as they were irritated with him for being a pest and burden. They had no remorse, and I think they use the story of "leaving him behind" with the guide as a cover. They also blame the shady guide for misleading them. They seem to be pointing a lot of fingers when in reality I believe they are at fault.

  10. Marcus was a loser asshole craving for a unfaithful woman that’s why he never care about his infection or trying to escape himself from any injuries..and that was the reason their friends ignored him from beginning

  11. I find this hard to believe..a man from so called Israel that serves with the terrorist IDF is sad and upset for killing a chimpanzee while they shoot the indigenous Palestinian infants, babies and children almost daily..Come on!?! U could maybe decisive the people from the west but not us. A classic joke nevertheless that was!

  12. Yashi's story is just a little too much, ya know? Jaguar, flash flood, leaf cutter ants. I'm just too skeptical. Hallucinations? Or just bs?

  13. You’re not enjoying this Marcus? Then go home!! In 3 days I’ll be butt fucking a log down a river wishing I was dead and you have the nerve to not appreciate what I’m offering you! Fuck you Marcus!! Lmao

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