If You Don’t Know, Now You Know – Asian Nations Reject Western Trash | The Daily Show


After years of taking in America’s plastic recycling, many Asian nations are now sending it back, forcing the U.S. to deal with its trash problem.

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Date: October 27, 2019

46 thoughts on “If You Don’t Know, Now You Know – Asian Nations Reject Western Trash | The Daily Show

  1. eating in plastic plates is considered disgusting in india. use steel or anyother metal. drinking water in copper glasses steel or earthen vessels. no plastic their also. using bone china cups. use jute & cotton bags.

  2. The fact that this video has 4 million views makes me think at least there will be 4 million people who would be thoughtful about their plastic use (Hopefully)🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼🤞🏼

  3. In Denmark we found a way to burn our rubbish in a clean and efficient way that also gives off heat for the surrounding city. Think green and create jobs instead.

  4. America has enough open space to create recycling centers that could deal with this, but companies own America and companies dont want us to be productive, they want us to use products and dont care after that because they know we Americans are so lazy we will buy plastic wrapped everything to avoid peeling an orange.

  5. China is investing the most money in renewable energy. All public transportation in major cities in china have gone electric. And yet I keep hearing western media keep demonizing china for pollution. I’m starting to get sick of the western media’s brainwashing.

  6. EASY stop FMCG companies that create all those garbage.. but its impossible.. bcuz every single comoany benefits from them

    Plastic bottles
    Restaurant plates and cups
    Paper cups and paper straws
    Gloves for hospitals
    Clinging film
    Strech film
    Aluminum foil
    Spoon, knife, forks .. forkspoon
    Baking papers
    Sandwich papers
    Table sheets
    Plastic for dental floos
    and the list goes on

  7. The most serious problem is that the Chinese began to make a lot of garbage like the Americans, and the Chinese could not even handle the garbage they created. So China has to start implementing strict waste sorting. While forcing people to sort garbage, they will be killed if they receive unsorted garbage from foreign countries.

  8. We need more actual recycling here. Build recycling plants powered by solar and wind energy in the midwest and give the proceed dividends to the poorest cities hit the hardest with lost jobs.

  9. Hello DSTN, checking on your reports. Did you think about how the upset of the garbage being sent back is time on a ship and how often will it be. The biggest country would have more but would they drive it all out to that end to go and ship it. When it 'returns' as trash should we build another 5th Hawaiian land. And, can you do a program on this as a what happened? Elle for spam in a can

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