#IMPEACHFAIL: IG FBI Rlease, V_ndeman, W_lliams, V_lker #FREEASSANGE


11/19: Today, the “Days of Our Diplomats” Soap Opera continued and exposed the deep state executing a separate “foreign policy” to the Trump Administration’s wishes…Meanwhile, PG&E is shutting down power for 300k+ households in Northern CA to normalize the new austerity measures planned to spread across the USA under Agenda 2030…

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Pope Francis Wants ‘Ecological Sin’ Added To Catholic Catechism




Trump’s Crowdstrike server mentions brought the impeachment front and center

George Webb, today, summing up Vindeman involvement and WIlliams in anti-Trump proceedings:

Jim Himes, the center of USA anti-corruption probe:

Caught On Tape: Fake Lobbyist Shames Congressman

The American Anti-corruption Act:


JUST IN: DOJ Inspector General Horowitz to Publicly Testify Before Senate Judiciary Committee on December 11 About His Investigation Into FISA Abuses


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Date: November 20, 2019

29 thoughts on “#IMPEACHFAIL: IG FBI Rlease, V_ndeman, W_lliams, V_lker #FREEASSANGE

  1. It is a known fact that Trump is a Zionist. Mossad was involved in the 9/11 attacks. Just research The Dancing Isrealis. Trump has even said that he is the chosen one. Isreal through the Torah, believe that they are the chosen ones to inherent the earth. Trump is all about war against Iran and so are the Jews. Wake up people, Trump is a Stooge for Isreal.

  2. Crossfire Hurricane and Spygate and Fisa gate and Ukraine gate and no end in sight. In the meantime no legislation is happening and the assassination attempts continue. No change in the MSM. No change in Pelosi or Adam Schiff or the OSS/CIA. Barr should have arrested Barry Soetoro and Hillary and Bill Clinton and John Brennan and James Clapper and Comey and Stryzok and Lisa Page and George Soros and all the rest long ago. NATO wants him dead as well as the EU and UN.

  3. That Pope,! Isn’t he GREAT and NOBLE! I wonder if he’ll make the pedophelia going on in the Vatican illegal.

    As for California they’re quickly trying to empty out California by any means necessary. The plan this time is to take away power, water, generators AND phone service while they DEW/plasma weapon the state. This means “We’ll torture and destroy you and nobody will help you.”

  4. There did this in Californian 8 year ago my family movie out had 9 children no election no air no water shut off to only could had so much if you use more you had to pay 400 dollar movie away go to to the good state get out derate state in maccabees you are in evil place be destroying in one hour by weather from men

  5. Well I hope to see it happen. I'm tryin to be positive. Sometimes it is frustrating. I know it is gonna happen….but it seems to go on and on and on. It is a little disheartening. I'm praying it is soon. Just arresting or having a supeona for HRC for Christmas
    maybe? She's the one I wanna see
    indicted for treason and riding the
    electric slide.💫🤞☠️

  6. Great information on your video Linda Paris is referring people to you❣ I'm in Chico California so I'm taking all my necessary papers passports everything like that to work with me in my car just in case… it's was so windy here, thought my roof was going to blow off last night🤯🙏

  7. There is no such thing as the president's "food tester". Food tasters were used by royalty in the middle ages. Now days, they just have secret service people who procure the president's food and supervise it's preparation. Think about it: who would apply for that job, knowing this job could cause them to die? Why wouldn't they perform a chemical analysis of the food instead of risking the life of the hapless food tester? Better yet, why wouldn't they do the easiest and safest thing by monitoring the procurement and preparation of the food? Oh, right – that's what they do in reality! Dave Hodges is not an excellent reporter. He's a joke. Just bc someone says they have deep state sources is NOT a reason to believe them! Nobody is the deep state would jeopardize their pension and their job by blabbing secrets to some random YouTuber. You are certainly not free if you believe this silly propaganda!

  8. Just wanted to mention that it rained in the Sierra Foothills, the night before PG&E is scheduled to turn off the electricity due to extreme fire danger.

    On the Pope's new "sins against the environment:" Wouldn't that make vaccines ecological sin?

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