In "Meghan Markle: American Princess," Gayle King tells story of royal bride-to-be


She’s described as “smart,” “impossibly stylish,” “a rock star.” As American actress Meghan Markle gets ready for her royal wedding to Prince Harry, Gayle King came on CBSN to preview her CBS News Special, “Meghan Markle: American Princess.”


Date: October 17, 2019

20 thoughts on “In "Meghan Markle: American Princess," Gayle King tells story of royal bride-to-be

  1. The "special" was very strange. Gayle and all of her guests, talked out of both sides of their mouths. They gushed about how wonderful and popular the new duchess is, but then often in the same sentence discussed how she is being "picked on". One guy even wept as he talked about how misunderstood Meghan is. Gayle discussed George Clooney's distress and his comments about the harsh treatment Meghan gets. This went on for a a full hour. If Harry and Meghan want privacy, so much, why on earth have a "special " about them? They want privacy, give it to them, that includes her friends making television specials.

  2. A royal event. Not 1 representative of any international organization or country in attendance. Not even the Obamas. No one even dressed up. It's like they were going to the derby. (even the queen) . ..

  3. Meghan Markle is not a wife! She'll be Prince Harry's domestic. The world of men and women worn crown as a title has authority over people under their Castles. If that wasn't the case, his late mother Princess Diana wouldn't had leaved his father for another man. They will bore children through tubes, not intercourse!!! What a good fairytale wedding. Congratulations to Meghan Markle and Prince Harry.

  4. Who the holy heck cares? Let the dead bury the dead and the pathetic entitled Royals drink themselves into a stupor and then go out and try to find any meaning to their pointless lives!

  5. And so MMarkle was in the Gloucester's house at KP with a measuring tape months ago, planning for her new kitchen, baths, many closets, even a new roof. The work and renovation are taking place right now and Harry is trying to bully the workers to hurry up the work. Meghan wants them to do everything perfectly and she's also bullying the construction crew.

  6. אף אחד לו מכיר אותם גם ארי הוא נסיך זמני ברגע שדאש יכנסו לאנגליה אין מלכה ואין נסיכים הכוסית הזאת אף אחד לו מכיר אותה באמריקה רק הגברים הרבים ששכבה איתם וחדי ניתוחים שהיא עשתה אבל ארי הוא תת רמה ועל כן מגיע לו ליתחתן עם שיפחה זה הכל ותפסיקו ליתעסק איתם ומרקל וארי תילכו כפרה אתם וכל המשפחה שלכם על החרא שהנשיא דונלנאד טרמפ מחרבן חכו תיראו מה יקרה ב 19 כל האוסטורולוגים יודעים שכל היום מרקל מכניסה את ארי למיטה וככה היא אישה קנאית מגיעה בשביל מה שמלה לבנה זקנה עברו עליה הרבה גברים מגיל 13 היא לו בתולה מה נישאר ממנה תת רמה והיא לעולם לו תהיה נסיכה רק שפחה שפחה כי היא כושית שבאה מים הם עבד עבדים

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