Incredible survival: man trapped at bottom of ocean for 3 days rescued by divers


Dramatic footage emerged on Tuesday showing the unlikely rescue of a ship’s cook, who survived for almost three days trapped in an air bubble in his sunken ship.

Rescue diver, Nick van Heerden, on a mission to recover bodies from the sunken tugboat Jascon 4, had the fright of his life when a hand reached out to him while he was searching the boat.

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Date: June 23, 2020

37 thoughts on “Incredible survival: man trapped at bottom of ocean for 3 days rescued by divers

  1. He prayed and God answered! Can you imagine all the non believers that if they had God in their heart and prayed! I have no doubt he would have saved them too!

  2. imagine being on the bottom of the ocean, alone. and imagine how bad air pressure is! my pool is more than 7 feet and lemme tell you when i go deep if hurts my ears. If 7 FEET HURTS YOU THEN IMAGINE HOW BAD IT IS DOWN THERE

  3. its crazy cuz when the giys boat was sinking .he was still inside. and as it was filling with water, he probably thought the boat was gonna completely fill with water causing him to drown. imagine how he felt when the compartment he was in only filled up halfway? happiness would set in. then after tbat more panick cuz u realize ur still trapped and oxygen is depleting quick

  4. Allah is the one that protects while you believe in him or while you don't. Allah said if my salve remembers me I remember him and if he forgets me I still remember him that's how mercy full Allah is

  5. Man I was just reading some of these comments.  Why the hell did this turn into religion bashing when this is a great video about how one man survived a terrible ordeal?  I understand if you don't believe or whatever, but why would you use this as a chance to hate on people that do believe? 

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