Indian Builds Affordable Compact Car


India is the home to one of the world’s smallest and cheapest consumer cars: the Tata Nano. But now one mechanic has built an even more compact car at his workshop in southern India. He was inspired by the lack of road space and the ever-increasing cost of living.

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The owner of this Bangalore mechanical workshop has built an affordable compact car.

The lack of parking space and the increasing cost of living were the main inspiration for Narsimha Raju, who built the two-seater car for those on a low budget.

[Narsimha Raju, Compact Car Builder]:
“As you know in our society, we don’t get proper space to park our cars or even moving on road, there is no space. Because of this congested life everybody, I thought why should I not do a compact car, which is suitable to everyday, cost wise and space wise. And that was the inspiration.”

Raju’s affordable car is on the same budget as a two-wheeler but with added protection.

[Narsimha Raju, Compact Car Builder]:
“The car is mainly suitable to an ordinary person who can afford a two wheeler.”

Once officially approved, his car will be on sale for around 1,700 U.S dollars.

The helmet shaped car has upward opening doors, weighs around 150 kilograms and has a four-stroke petrol engine of 175 cc.

It can cover 35 kilometres per litre with the highest speed of 80 kilometers.


Date: May 30, 2020

38 thoughts on “Indian Builds Affordable Compact Car

  1. cmon this is just shit! I get that he wants to make something economical, but this is just pure BS, if a bus driver is driving or a truck driver he may not even see this toy car and it would go right underneath it and not to mention , this piece of crap doesnt even have air conditioning and is covered by glass, it would be like driving while sitting in an oven given india's hot climate

  2. The inventor tells us that in India there is no space to park and already congested roads. So putting more gas spewing cars in to the hands of people of modest means accomplishes what exactly? More and better public transit is what keeps cities healthy.

  3. good idea for abroad but in india people will prefer two wheeler such as bike or scooter . if this man gets a job in tata with proper finance he can built a better one with better resouces and technology . anyway appericate his efforts

  4. let me tell you how to make such compact car… get old go cart modify it with some extra what he done… congrats you have your compact car… i am indian and this this stupid invention.. there are much better thing do by indian companies from electric car to compact car check those out..

  5. this is actually quite decent. i mean, it's essentially a scooter (with a motorcycle engine), but has four wheels and two seats. the idea with the helmet-glass gives good visibility, too. sure, it ain't a mercedes, but for its purpose, this looks quite good.

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