India's coronavirus infections top five million mark – BBC News


The number of confirmed coronavirus infections in India has surpassed five million, officials say, the second-highest in the world after the US.
The virus appears to be spreading much faster in India than any other country, with daily cases crossing 90,000 for the five days up until Tuesday.
More than 80,000 people have died, amid reports of shortages of intensive care beds and oxygen supplies.
But the death rate is lower than in many countries with a high caseload.
The rise in infections comes as the government continues to lift restrictions throughout the country to try to boost an economy that lost millions of jobs when the virus hit in March.
Gyms are the latest to reopen, while schools, colleges and cinema halls remain shut. But most workplaces and markets are back to normal, and many cities are permitting restaurants and bars to resume serving alcohol, which is likely to increase crowds.

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Date: October 18, 2020

23 thoughts on “India's coronavirus infections top five million mark – BBC News

  1. Now for something truly shocking.
    After your dead no one will remember you. It may take a few days, weeks, maybe years. Unless you have some big endowment foundation, but even those people are forgotten eventually.
    So this mentality of no one's allowed to die from COVID-19 is shooting ourselves in the foot.
    Dying of pneumonia is an easy way to go, ask anyone who works in hospice. There's lots of wonderful medicines that take care of any panic of shortness of breath.
    The nurses they show on TV crying have their own issues. The patient is surrendered and weak. The families in many cases are hysterical.
    But I say let's take it a step further. I like the movie Soylent Green and I think that should be legal globally.
    We should have assisted suicide centers as common as a hospital where you can go in, lay on a gurney, take a lethal dose of a medicine, perhaps opiates and watch nice movies until you drift into the great good night and meet the Almighty.
    Now if you want to live, fine. But if you want to die, no questions asked.
    Then I say let's even take it to the next level with the movie, where we make the bodies into protein chips. We could feed them to the poor or livestock or whatever. It's a win-win.
    What will really happen is we'll have people that are homeless, dying in the street, sticking a gun in your face because they want a loaf of bread.

    Meanwhile all the parishioners of the big mega churches will be telling Jesus how compassionate they are..

  2. Poor Indian r only die in this pandemic but rich people like us we r saying who do care and gov r doing best to tackle it

  3. What BBC doesn't say is that 80% of the cases are already cured. This is one sided, but what did I expect from BBC

  4. BBC have taken bribes from
    C-hina, CCP for sure , stupid reporting…just check the programs and how they speak about C-hina, Worst channel.

  5. Lockdown is not option. Economical collapse would be devastating. Some people will die and remaining ones will continue life. For the vaccine, i dont hope for that. Flu is killing us for millenials yet vaccine for flu has been improved ten years ago. Dont rely on vaccine but i hope we can find the vaccine in a short time.

  6. A beginning to an end of so-called freedom democracy Martial law dictatorship microchips vaccinations are coming Prepare you're self's

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  10. 21.09.2020. I highly recommend that you avoid this PROPAGANDA PRESS or risk failing a SIMPLE IQ TEST.
    Do your MATHS now!
    Currently we have a poluation of 66,796,807 million in the United Kingdom. Seriously people, are we really going to tolerate having our lives ruled and completely destroyed by a HANDFUL of NARCISSISTIC Illuminatis, living off our hard-earned taxes and Billy-boy's payroll?

    In GB, from March 2020 – September 2020 – we have a total of 41,788 deaths because of or related to Covid 19.
    In average before this Plandemic, GB would expect preliminary figure of 496,354 deaths per year due to various causes.

    In Germany, from March 2020 – September 2020, we have a total of 9,477 deaths  with or related to Covid 19. In an average before this Plandemic, Germany would expect an preliminary figure of 939,536 deaths per year due to various causes.

    GLOBALLY- from March 2020 – September 2020, there has been 965,071 recorded deaths with or related to Covid 19. Many death certificates were faked worldwide to raise the statistics. In order to justify the 1st lockdown and further inhuman and life destroying restrictions. PCR tests have proven to be faulty by German scientists. Google this as well! Autopsies were not an option in order to detect other possible underlying health problems. So therefore even this figure of 965,071 Covid 19 deaths in just 6 months is extremely unrealistic, when not criminally miscalculated.

    SPANISH FLU – 1918 -1919 – recorded total deaths – 50 million worldwide!

    There was never ever a 1st wave and nor are we currently having a 2nd wave.
    We have a PLANDEMIC and a handful of Illuminatis destroying our lives and NOT a PANDEMIC. WAKE UP PEOPLE!

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