Inside India's stunning World Heritage site temple – BBC News


The Ramappa temple, located in Telangana state’s Mulugu district, recently made it to Unesco’s list of World Heritage sites – largely owing to its intricate sandstone and basalt sculptures that have stood the test of time.

The temple, dedicated to the Hindu god Shiva, dates back to the early 13th Century when an army commander under the Kakatiya kings had it built.

Historians believe that it was built on the site of an older temple that had since become dilapidated.

Its sculptures celebrate dance and they are believed to have inspired a famed male dance teacher at the time to revive a warrior dance performed by men.

Video by BBC Telugu’s Balla Satish, Naveen Kumar and Sangeetham Prabhakar

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Date: September 30, 2021

46 thoughts on “Inside India's stunning World Heritage site temple – BBC News

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  2. The only legacy of Islam in this world is loot, invasion, destruction, chaos. The latest destruction is the Buddhas of Bamyan which was standing tall since last 1500 years. And it was blown into pieces.

  3. BBC News showing positive side of india! 🤯🤯
    One of my wished got over ✌
    Second one is to destroy BBC News studios worldwide

  4. @BBC Am taken by surprise as you have never done anything good to speak of India; you have always confirmed your biased opinions on This Great Nation – India with your Colonial Mindset set to tarnish any progress of Modern India.

  5. It suddenly didn't come but the government had taken a very long time to recognize it. Our government(previous) was blind eyed towards our temples, heritage and culture, now its changing slowly. Modi government

  6. Mughals destroyed Hindu Temples but still our great education system teaches about mughals and very less of Hindu leaders as compared to Mughals.

  7. This temple is not even the Tip of the Iceberg, there are numerous Ancient Temples in India which lacks preservation and care from Authorities. If maintained well, they can easily become the UNESCO Heritage Sites.

  8. U should also see the magnificent Temples of Hampi, Mahabalipuram, Ellora etc. It's nothing less than a beautiful poem carved from the earth. The story of Mighty Vijayanagara and Hampi is still a sad one too…..

  9. Please ✌️ minute silence for those who don't know that those who came today to see temples their ancestors came to destroy it 🤧

  10. Before, it was the Brahmans who controlled who and who cannot enter the temples now there is (I hope not) nothing like that anymore in India. Everyone should be treated equally.

  11. Is this BBC , I'm in dream or this is real.

    😱 Oh my god , I can't believe it. Is this BBC or someone hacked and posted this video 😱😱

  12. I bet anyone can find such old temple standing as it is in north India. Well past 800 years was really progressive 🤔

  13. In Last 1000 years , first hindu temples are being looted by islamist , than by colonial powers and now by leaders , who fund other Institutes from temple money . Free hindu temples you missionaries.

  14. South Indian temples are soo much better than ours lol hardly any temple in North comparable to the grandeur of South temples. As a northie I have so much respect from south although I love my state too.

  15. lowkey missing u as usual, hating on india indians and everything related to it, it makes india special

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