Inside Iran: Are Tehran's poorest paying the price? – BBC News


Donald Trump withdrew from the Iran nuclear deal in 2018 and has imposed ever tightening sanctions on the country in a move designed to force Tehran to curtail their nuclear ambitions.
The sanctions have led to increased prices and the local currency has fallen significantly. Iranians are being dragged into poverty and the poorest are feeling the effects.

As tensions rise between Iran, the United States and its allies, the BBC has been given rare access to Iran.

BBC Middle East correspondent Martin Patience, has been in Tehran looking at the impact of sanctions. While in the country, filming access was controlled – as with all foreign media the team was accompanied by a government representative at all times.

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Date: July 29, 2019

42 thoughts on “Inside Iran: Are Tehran's poorest paying the price? – BBC News

  1. PAKISTANI Foji ISPR jawab dy? TAAJ E BARTANIYA ki citizens of karachi ko 1913 say di hui KESC kis qaide qanoon k tehat musharaf Or Tariq seduzai ny bech daali Or Aaj hamari KMC or City Coucilar Shehnaz Malik Par kon say wajebaat nikal bethe ho.???

  2. I feel really sad watching this. Donald Trump is an egotist that only withdrew the US from the Iran deal because it was associated with Barack Obama. People in Iran are suffering through no fault of their own. Iranian people are the nicest people I have ever met and they don't deserve this BS that is being heaped on them.

  3. How can those Americans sleep at night without even giving a thought that their stupid leaders actions is making innocent people on the other side of the world not being able to feed themselves. Those people have nothing to do with any of this and are paying the price for someone else's ego.

  4. Russia, China, Iran, N.Korea government kidnapper their people to fight with you, and most of their people are brain-washed to support their government
    Now Iran and N.Korea people suffer the sanction. So what will you do?

  5. Why don't iranin gov thinks about poor people and go for negotiation for the sake of their own people??? Iranian gov don't care about them, they just want to support terrorism….

  6. Don't mean to be an ass but this is what happens in the middle East who don't learn from their enemies but instead they always blame someone else for their own mistakes.

  7. Sanction is always targeting ordinary peoples not military person and Iran has great management to care for their own Iranian. Dan Harris said poorest always pay the highest price, I think it is a mean to even non sanction contries such as pakistan, india, saudi Arab, france, australia, israel, america and other non sanction countries

  8. Reminds me of the social programs created by the Black Panthers due to mass poverty in America. Now causing hunger and poverty in other parts of the world. Will the impoverished in the U.K. suffer for siding with the U.S.?

  9. Even tho Iran has soo much potential economically, it has been strangled for 40 years. I’ve been to Iran and the people are amazing, caring and the food is amazing, the Country is clean and surprisingly organised even though all this demonisation. Stay strong Iran ♥️

  10. Oh, what a monster Trump is for imposing sanctions on a regime that blows up commercial shipping, takes ambassadors hostage and supports Hamas and Hezbollah! How about we actually put the blame where blame is due?

  11. looks like the Food banks in the U.K. the u.k. government treat the poor worse they have lots of homeless and starving children . I hope Iran invades the u.k. to stop the poor starving or dying from second rate health care .

  12. Why do the Mullah's allow their people to suffer then? They don't give a shit about their own people. Do you think they are going without? No, they put the burden on their people.

  13. They are living in poverty due the mass corruption and incompetence of the Iranian government. This is a well known fact. Every time the Iranian people get hurt economically the Mullah's always blame it on the "enemy". It's not true, at all.

  14. Don't support Iran NEITHER supporting ZIONIST SAUDI. At least Iran walk on their own foot unlike ZIONIST SAUDI.
    Iran already been to the negotiation table round 2015 so what are you talking about.

    RUBBISH, ZIONIST U.S. Listen to Zionist SAUDI regime and ZIONIST OCCUPIERS of Palestine that WHY U.S.doing this to please her kids ZIONIST SATANIC ZIOPIGS SAUDI regime and Morley ZIONIST SATANIC ZIOPIGS devils on earth OCCUPIERS of Palestine.

    West love to bully weaker to just to protect the occupation of Palestine.

    Bullying will work on ZIONIST SAUDI because British gave birth to ZIONIST SAUDI in exchange to start occupation of Palestine.
    Bullying won't work with some else child. Whom has dignity.

  15. Those are some of the best male legs I have seen on a studio news presenter for a long time, so why the dress?
    Weird dress too, like a giant 'S' in blue, or if you count the white it is an 'SS' like the Germans had in WW2.

  16. The USA is such an evil country..
    There was a deal in place that was Iran was following..
    Why rip up that deal..
    This is Trumps and Israels fault..
    And Europe is also guilty for turning their back on Iran..

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