Inside The Wardrobe Of A Celebrity Stylist | Autumn, Winter & Summer Inspo


Gayle Rinkoff knows a thing or two when it comes to fashion. With a pedigree that spans Tatler, The Daily Mail and Harrods, she earned her stylist stripes before making the freelance jump – these days she’s the head stylist on The Voice, as well as a regular for red carpets and magazine shoots.

If you follow her on Instagram, you’ll already know about her love of colours, stripes and, in particular, dungarees. But far from being a magpie for all things bright, her wardrobe is a carefully curated selection of investment pieces, each with a little something different – a ruffle sleeve here, a leopard detail there. From her Rixo dress collection (spoiler: it’s endless) to the investment shoes she’ll never part with, we took a look inside her wardrobe for some serious fashion inspo…

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Date: October 14, 2020

36 thoughts on “Inside The Wardrobe Of A Celebrity Stylist | Autumn, Winter & Summer Inspo

  1. Literally my dream wardrobe!!! Love that you can see you truly adore the pieces you own, and they've been worn and enjoyed. So refreshing to see you've got your own style and not a insta clone….. and colour!! Love love love

  2. loooove this series – I could nose around anyone's wardrobe and be happy, but especially seeing one as lovely as this! x

  3. Wow! Can you style me please? I am a size 16/18 and it is really bad for us big girls. I rather spend money and have something more special than something everybody wears. I really do like everything you showed. I really would like to know how to wear skirts. I wear only trousers! You are right up my street. My basics are jeans blazers and floaty blouses. I rock it on the shoes. Would love to have links for all the brands you mentioned! Thank you for this video!

  4. our style couldn't be any more different but I really enjoyed watching this video. I love how seriously playful her wardrobe is.

  5. Gayle thank you for the fantastic video. You have fantastic style. Loved your honesty as well as your wardrobe:) This video is the best of the rest by far..

  6. My favourite comment was when she said she had two styles, I often feel I'm not getting it right as I don't have that one 'look' but rather just drift to what I like from sparkly to floaty to more casual. Now I have a stylist stamp of approval that that is ok!

  7. I like how every piece she showed represented her style instead of whatever is trendy at the moment. Looking forward to the next!

  8. A lot of her clothes are not really to my taste but I appreciate that this is a REAL wardrobe. All her clothes are well loved and she doesn't throw away clothes for the sake of it. That RIXO dress was beautiful!

  9. Gayle has Exquisite Taste! and A Great Sense of Style This is been a treat for the eyes! Great video. Thank you! Gayle and SheerLuxe.

  10. Loooove it, I keek my clothes for years like hers, not shop too mucho but have things that I love to wear, love the passion for fashion, and love that she do not have 1000 pieces to wear just 1 time…

  11. I've been looking forward to this since BTS last week. Gayle has a fabulous sense of fashion. Loved watching this x

  12. After watching all these closet tours (this one being closest to my own style), it is clear my husband will have to find somewhere else to put his clothes.

  13. love her selection of clothes, compared to all these youtubers showing off their gifted sponsored clothes this collection that's purchased over time is very inspiring..

  14. Such a different style to my own, but I really enjoyed seeing inside this wardrobe. The dress section particularly appealed to me. Thanks for sharing Gayle😀. Regards, Deb

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