"Inspired" – NTD Television Story About Isabelle's Adoption


49 thoughts on “"Inspired" – NTD Television Story About Isabelle's Adoption

  1. Officer Stan, Ashley, and the Felt Family are living angels in real life. We all owe you and Ashley a big debt with your love and sacrifices!

  2. Who is that lady talking at the end? It really makes me so angry that she has nerve to act like she cares about her. Where was she when she needed a bath or love? Thank god you guys came along and adopted her.

  3. I am crying. This was so touching. I wish I could adopt but I am single and dont make enough money. I am thankful there are people like you that will step up and give the love these children need.

  4. It’s great for her you folks came along and adopted her. However, I feel a bit sorry for the other children in your family for numerous reasons. Anyway, best of luck and may God guide us all.

  5. Dios los bendiga por darle a esta hermosa nena la oportunidad de una mejor calidad de vida
    Dios les compensará enormente Saludos y bendiciones desde México👍👍😘😘😘

  6. The world needs more precious people like you, love doesnt come in a form of race,religion,coulture…your family is so special x

  7. May the lord bless u both abundantly. With eternal life , love , health and strenght. Thank u for making a difference in the world . May the lord bless that little girl.

  8. Are these peoplevor angels in disguise
    This cant be happening in this day and age
    No no no
    These are angels sent by God to teach humans that having faith and belinging to a famous religion and praying all day long and preaching us is not what makes you
    A loving selfless human being
    No words of mine would describe you
    I better sit and rethink of what i m doing for God

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