"Inspired to Be a Better Person" — Shen Yun in Montreal


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Montreal, Canada bids farewell to Shen Yun Performing Arts after a sell out season.

Many in the audience say they have never seen such magnificent and beautiful art as Shen Yun’s performances.

[Fatima Alilie, Former Ballerina, Europe]:
“A performance of extraordinary perfection, and the word perfection is not easy to put to all, but I say that everything is perfect!”

[Carole Legace, Educator]:
“The show is simply beyond perfect.”

[Marviere Potvin, Financial Advisor, Quebec Bank]:
“We can feel the divinity in the steps and the movements of the dances, I feel it’s really representing divine beings dancing. Actually the dancers are divine.”

[Alan Simpson, Former UK Member of Parliament, Labour Party]:
“It’s beautiful. It’s just completely filled with grace and as a planet we could do with all the grace we can find…”

The performance takes the audience through 5000 years of China’s culture and history.

[Francois Belec, Businessman]:
“Shows cultural aspects of five thousand years of history, from the foundation of faith, from the most ancient peoples right to what’s happening in China today.”

For some, the characteristics of Chinese culture were apparent.

[Mary Sarantidis, Educator]:
“Elegant, quiet people, yet they have so much energy inside.”

[Anna Liachenko, President, Marketing Company]:
“They are very creative and very traditional at the same time, and very philosophical.”

Some audience members picked up on the spiritual side of China’s history.

[Claude Bergeron, President, Transport Company ]:
“The show definitively introduced us to a deeply spiritual side, and we are totally absorbed at this moment… We see our life from another point of view. We leave the theatre more relaxed and step into our life in a good way.”

[Louis Fairbain, Investor, Real Estate]:
“The happy ending of the show it was fantastic! It was great to end on a high note, showing that even though they believe in something and they were persecuted, in the end, they were rewarded, and ended up on their spiritual journey; so it was very nice to see that.”

Mr. Fairbain says he’s inspired to be a better person.

[Louis Fairbain, Investor, Real Estate]:
“Be nice to my fellow man, help out whenever I can and you know, just try to do good — with everybody.”

Shen Yun performed at the Salle Wilfrid-Pelletier theatre, and next opens to a sold out audience in Quebec City on January 8.

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Date: February 15, 2020

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