Iraqi anti-government protesters defy an open-ended curfew – BBC News


There have been more clashes in the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, between security forces and protesters who are demanding action on unemployment and corruption.

The protesters defied an open-ended curfew put in place by the prime minister after two days of violence left at least 19 people dead.

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Date: October 9, 2019

35 thoughts on “Iraqi anti-government protesters defy an open-ended curfew – BBC News

  1. Discrimination and favaritism is the bottom of the problem, these people fought against ISIS and the government releasd one of Terrorist who was a Saudis national, th releas of th Saudis terrorist was pocking in the people's eye.

  2. This is how possession works in the spiritual world. I will show you.
    ME XI CAN. When Me dies, than there is XI, and than there is CAN. That's exactly how Father, Sons, and Holy ghosts work. I know it's absurd to think stuff like this, but I was told to believe in Spirituality and be baptised into Holy Ghost's by all the eyes around me since I was a new born baby. Now were those eyes lying to me? And why do people blasphemy me by calling me crazy for believing what the history of mankind told me since I was born into this world. Possession is only possible, because a no body( a ghost) needs a body. Don't kill your neighbor's and you won't have to worry about ghosts, when spirits have bodies, they don't need to possess one. Again here is a picture of the art of possession.
    ME>XI>CAN=His Story.

  3. Again I would like to say, I support President Trump, I also think if you investigate Trump it is only fair that everyone that falsely accused the President are also investigated. Justice is balanced, it is not one sided. If you didn't do anything illegal or against U.S. than you have nothing to fear. But if Justice doesn't apply to political elites, or social elites, or Wall Street Brokers and Bankers, than I think the whole world can see what the problem is.

  4. Who really wins in a World War???
    D.O.D., Oil Companies, those are 2 of the biggest businesses on Earth, oh and Leaders that can afford a underground bunker stockpiled with supplies. And said supplies were bought with your tax dollars. WW3 is not WW2. A lot has changed since 1945. One thing that has changed is Warfare and the weapons used to kill ones enemies. I only write to the people on Earth so that you are all knowledgeable in the facts, so no one can say they knew not what they do. Everyone on Earth knows the truth. We kill ourselves, when you use taxes to kill your neighbor's. I don't want any of my neighbors to fight.

  5. The BBC’s manufacture of Hong Kong terrorists is the illusion of peace most of the time. It has always been violence, and it is violent every day. What is the change from peace to violence? Well, the BBC, you call them peaceful demonstrations, right? I hope that the British people will learn the so-called "peaceful demonstrations" of the BBC when they express their aspirations! ! !

  6. 中国是全人类的威胁,无法想象如果全人类都生活在中共的可怕的文化和媒体管制下,世界会多么恐怖,所以全人类应该团结起来阻止中国的扩张

  7. America killed the old government and give the Iraqi people new government from Iran. Then Iran start to to take all the Iraqi wealth, money and oil. So Iraq became very angry because they don't have even water or food. So they wanted  to take Iran government out of our country. And now Iran is killing a thousand of people and she is not giving them internet to tell other people what is Iran doing that is everything.

  8. Seems another ISIS uprising soon again.
    Yeah pre Saddam Luxury level is still far from reach it seems.
    All they need is some country to give them free arms.

    You can´t bring democracy to a population that is not ready.
    That is the point proven so far.

  9. I believe that we the people is true anywhere you call home. Iraqi citizens are the we the people of Iraq. Everyone's voice deserves to be heard. Strength in numbers, but peace for everyone should be the goal. God bless you.

  10. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LraxJ4WQ3m8
    Meanwhile in France, next to the UK, the BBC keeps quite. Silent. Not a word about people killed and maimed in protests.
    Have to keep up the pretense that the EU is great, and the UK population were scum for voting to leave.
    Same with the wall to wall content on Hong Kong. It's those nasty tories who left the HK in the lurch.
    Time to abolish the BBC


    As I mentioned before I was a very VERY devout Muslim. I found all the spirituality I needed in Islam. Not to mention my family and basically everyone in my direct circle was a Muslim so it came naturally to me. We were also taught to have blind faith. That whatever god said must be true. And even if we can't get the reason behind it, we just have to believe that god only decides on the best.

    When I got into university, all this changed. I am an English literature major. Almost all we do in our major is be critical with texts, analyse them deeply, and apply theories and different perspectives on them. And that's where everything came down. It was impossible for me to ignore all the critical thinking skills I acquired and not apply them to Islam.

    Once the doubt creeps in, it's impossible to stop it. You lose the “blind faith" you've always submitted too.

    I started asking myself questions like:

    Why on earth would god make it as if he wants us in hell?

    The prophet said : "Paradise is surrounded by hardships, and the Fire is surrounded by desires." And I've always thought “why would god purposely make it so that heaven is impossibly hard to reach and hell comes to one naturally and easily. Why would he make it in our nature to desire the same things that would lead us to our doom? Why would he create us knowing that we'll end up in hell if we fail this?

    Why would heaven be limited to Muslims only?

    As others mentioned, it bugged me that Muslims as long as they remain on Islam (even if they sin all the time) will end up in heaven because they are believers. However, non-Muslims have no chance to begin with. They are destined to spend an eternity in hell.

    So I always asked myself “how come a Muslim who's a tyrant murderer will go to heaven if he repented, while a devout sinless Christian, for instance, who was great to people and lived for god will end up in hell. The only difference between me and him is that I was born to a Muslim family and he wasn't. That could've been me. Not to mention that billions of people are non-muslims be it now, in the past, or in the future. So why would God throw these giant numbers into hell because they worshipped him differently? You see, I'm a very just person, almost too idealistic for this world. And this kind of thing just screams injustice.

    The way women are treated bugged me to no end.

    Muslims always say “Islam actually holds women in high regard", “a mother is treated with unlimited kindness in Islam", “if you have daughters and raise her well you go to heaven"[1] and so on. That's all fine and dandy except that Muslim women are followers throughout their whole lives. Muslims use this as a good point of Islam, as they tell you a Muslim woman is taken care of from birth till death. That's true. But the price is her freedom.

    My father has the authority to stop me from marrying the person I love. His consent is a must to get married[2] . Then this authority transfers to my husband, whom she must obey in most cases. If her husband doesn't approve of her fasting, then she can't fast. If her husband doesn't want her to go out, she can't. Her obedience to her husband gets her into heaven. She must give him sex even if she hates it or she will be cursed (unless she has extreme excuses)[3] . A woman is also not allowed to travel without her guardian[4] .

    Not only this, but Islam gives the husband the right to divorce her in a few words, while the woman has to give up all her rights to get a divorce. Islam gives the man the right to marry four woman (even if his first wife doesn't know he has a second wife, sounds like infidelity no?[5] ), and a woman can only marry one man. And no matter what anyone says, if my husband slept with another woman and I have to let it go because god allowed it, I will be a woman who is in constant pain. What woman can imagine her husband sleeping with another woman the same way he does with her without her heart bleeding? It's legalized infidelity and cruelty.

    Another colossal reason I couldn't be a Muslim anymore is the numerous, silly teachings.

    At some point in my life when I was still a Muslim, I had OCD when it comes to religion. I literally washed so many times a day and had to consider a million thing before doing anything. I know you're going to say that's you not Islam. And that may be true to an extent. But the nature of Islam makes it so that you will always feel guilty. Think of this, as a woman I cannot wear makeup going out, or a perfume, or revealing clothes. Even the simplest things like getting my eyebrows threaded have different opinions among scholars. Even the hand we eat with (right or left) has teachings! When you watch a movie you can't watch actors hug or kiss because lowering your gaze is a must. Even with music there are debates if listening to it is a sin or not. So for someone like me with a predisposition to get obsessive, I almost lost my mind trying to be a good Muslim. There is literally teachings and fatwas to everything. To the point where many people get so preoccupied with these silly things, forgetting the core of religion. And I don't blame them ! What a demanding religion ! Would god really care for such petty things? So it's impossible if you're a devout muslim to not feel guilt, because there is always something you're doing wrong.

    Gay rights in Islam are non-existent.

    Now I have my own views on homosexuality but that's not our topic here. We can all agree on one thing, gays are human. They deserve to be happy. They deserve love and sex. However, like other religions, Islam completely rejects homosexuality[6] . And guess what Muslim sheikhs would advice a gay Muslim to do? Go get treated, magically marry a woman, or live a life of celibacy[7] . This has always bothered me. As a person with a personality disorder, I know pretty damn well the difficulty (or even impossibilty) of changing something that is deeply embedded in your core. Imagine as a straight man if I told you that you must marry a man or never marry? Imagine telling you to abstain from having sex with whom you actually find appealing for your whole life? Why on earth do you care about what a person does behind closed doors anyway. And why would god ask gay men or women to fight an almost hopeless battle (unless they are bi) or never satisfy their basic instincts. Such humanity !

    There is too much sexualisation in Islam.

    Islam makes it so that each gender views the other as a potential sex partner, not human. So it orders women to cover their beauty so that they don't push men to sin. It orders both genders to lower their gaze and not look each other in the eye for too long[8] . It orders both genders to limit interaction with the opposite gender as much as humanly possible[9] . In fact, even handshaking the other gender is debatable [10] ! Now guess where that leaves us? It makes it so that you look at every woman as a f*cking material that you must avoid/ limit interaction with. When you see naked skin (even if just shoulders) you're actually more aroused than the average person because women around you cover up. So you end up sexualising the other gender too much, even the ones that you're not attracted to. You're unable to view the person from the opposite gender as a pleasant co-worker, or a friend, or a motherly figure or so, because they are a possible candidate for making you sin.

    The loopholes kept getting bigger and bigger to my critical brain until the whole thing just collapsed and I no longer believed in it.

    Final note: I view Islam as a horrible oppressive religion of terror. I also don’t view it as a perfect religion of peace.

  12. Tell Hong Kong if I'm not paid before Xmas I will receive every last penny I'm owed and I will buy Hong Kong and I will rule…it will be my new home….stop the violence

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