Is Facebook too powerful? – BBC News


Amid growing calls to break up the social media giant Facebook, Ros Atkins looks at its power.

He considers its roles in Myanmar, the storming of the Capitol building in Washington, and the company’s decision to block news in Australia.

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Date: September 12, 2021

31 thoughts on “Is Facebook too powerful? – BBC News

  1. They don’t even have a customer service department . So not trustworthy. Next generation has moved on to other technology but just leafy behind their account.

  2. Isn´t it a random world? A wheel of random? Can´t we keep a secret anymore? Can we collect shame?
    Random masturbation….random horse-race!
    Facebook-CONTROL-Facebook-CONTROL-Facebook-CONTROL, POWER, CONTROL….
    Sincerly, your "Nighthawk"
    P.S.: If you don´t know what to eat this evening, just give me a call…sugar (you must be twenty…sugar mountain)

  3. You BBC are thinking you have power,the only power you have is to hide Jimmy savels crime. And Rob people of a licence to project lefty ideas and you all must be shut down or go on pay a subscription

  4. Facebook owns Instagram, WhatsApp and messenger so you are all still using it. I've been social media free for a while but if I go back to any of them it won't be any of those four.

  5. facebook destroying our society and countries' peacefulness. people should be delete their account from facebook

  6. It’s the fact that it’s a Two way communication tool that is under question here. If you give ppl freedom they will do what they want…isn’t that what we all want. The BBC have had the freedom to do what they want but only in a one way communication setup. Facebook isn’t an ideal tool yet but it will evolve into something great given time.

  7. Guys the is a man scamming women of money in Africa please help us stop this way by put he out they, he is name is Alex Joe he say he in London he said he a father of One boy Johnson I would like to send his photo here he is really destroying people's life one girl tried to commit suicide because of him he tells them that they got all of her a present they should send money to the company one that girl did not get that present she committed suicide 😥

  8. In facebook we easily find pedofiles, drug dealers, all sort of criminals, convicted assassins..but if you support a specific are banned

  9. internet in a whole is too powerful
    even tho we gaining so much just
    how many "social" lives hast it claimed so far including mine

  10. To tell you the truth facebook have been an instrument to hurt people and kill people to loot and burn and riots. Whats so good about facebook and other social media? Nothing!

  11. 為什麼吃喝了那麼多年上帝的奶與蜜,又背棄了上帝呢?真以為只憑單眼就能取代上帝嗎?禁任何聖徒之言與掠奪聖徒的智慧與阻絕聖徒獲取錢財或權勢,真以為可一手遮天了嗎?Isreal Isreal This is my Kingdom come. 奶與蜜只給道德者所享用。

  12. All this because some nerd incel (Zuckerberg) wanted to rate woman's bodies. I'm just waiting for corporations to start declaring themselves sovereign countries.

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