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  1. Wow your still going on about the made up gender pay gap.
    Women make less over all because of the type of jobs they take up.
    Any women that does the same job as me is paid exactly the same as me.
    My gf is a teacher, her male workmates are paid the same as her. Stop making crap up. And stop pushing women as victims.

  2. Because a lot of us women think we’re doing alright. After university, I started on a slightly higher salary than my husband, but he very soon surpassed me because he was willing to work mad 60hr weeks.
    I didn’t see any crippling sexism (or racism) at work to inspire me into activism for equality.
    My decision to start a family was what really crippled my career. But it’s a decision that I’d make again without hesitation.

  3. Wow the lies and manipulation of the subject matter shocking… oh right its the beeb maybe not shocked. The funniest thing of all is this, the team who made this have women in it and they don't understand their own gender either…and the team are not equal 4 men to 3 women priceless lol

  4. You don't see YouTube videos about what women do towards men. Are men being silenced by women? Why do laws favor women so much? Don't they realize how much better this society treats women over men? Please comment. 🙂

  5. I turn off television or just over to another channel.Its the biggest load of shit.They allow a mentalist to act like a torment with some added Acoustic harassment that down grades television into shit.Shit to hear,shit to see shit yo know it's happening.A turn off.If any television parasite thinks those in the know or harassed away from television by people guide by a television company will get that victim on television not in a court room,thinks again.
    Call your victim a snob who switches off thinks your television programmes Are beneath him are considered drivel or a load of shit.You make crap,your staff called celebrity or journalist presenters are crap.What you make is crap is switched off,watched with sound off or with a 5 mm plug in to bake the spy think I'm watching YouTube or a film online.You are shit unwatchable Unwanted not desired to meet your a bully.A bully who sunk to criminal behaviour that has to be challenged in court.

  6. Good grief, it doesn't stop does it? Yes women didn't have the opportunities of men decades back, after men have driven and lead the world of humans since the dawn of man's existence, what do people expect? Within just a few years, they want to take that down and replace with women, notice how women now come under minority status? All women? Come on!

    I think people should remember what happened in the Garden of Eden, it was a woman that was succumbed by the serpent and a man who succumbed to the woman to the detriment of us all. Or even better, look what happens when women do lead governments…like in Sweden and Germany…And look what happens when women lead police forces…Met Police…Fire Brigades…London Fire Brigade…Have we all got nice things to say about them in recent years?

    I'm all for equality, but this is something else. Ive worked all over the country, corporate and public, I see nothing that they speak of and yet the propaganda preveils. This drive has a very nefarious undertone to it, just as the drive to push climate change and "ethnic diversity"…There is a sinister feel to all of these so called social justice movements that feels more like an erosion of progress, freedom, of any kind of positive equality and of identity. It feels like movements designed so that they will lead us all equally to zero.

  7. The BBC will send goons to your house if you don't pay them. If you resist these goons they will send the police, if you resist the police you will be violently attacked and kidnapped

  8. Can’t deal with this shit, there are kids being buttered on the streets but instead there busy chatting about feminism in politics face it no one gives a shit about if your male or female if your views are stupid your gonna get shouted down and violated.

  9. The country is going to be more fucked now then. It doesn't work to well thinking with emotions and with your heart rather than your head. And is the BBC racist towards white working class people? Is it sexiest towards white working class men? Is it racist to ethnics whereas making jobs only for ethnics as they need help from leeching treasonous overeducated, entitled white chattering class people? Is the BBC controlled by Zionists and a-choos? Bloody hell we could go on all day about the paedo BBC. Have the entitled overeducated gimps at the top of the BBC and those of the tribe but not of this country got a problem with pesting on kids?

  10. "And why do women get so much abuse " conveniently omit the fact that women, on average, get less abuse. Justin Bieber gets death threats from 13 year Selena Gomez fans. Get over it.

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