Is the European Super League the future of football? | BBC Sport


BBC Sport explores the issue of a potential European Super League. Could it ever become a reality? Do Europe’s top clubs want to form one? And would fans be in favour of it happening?


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Is the European Super League the future of football? | BBC Sport


Date: May 19, 2020

21 thoughts on “Is the European Super League the future of football? | BBC Sport

  1. What do you guys think? Is it the future or just a waste of time? Let us know in the comments below ⬇️

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  2. I think what they should do is allow more English and Italian teams into the UCL instead of having Dinamo Zagreb and Qarabag clogging up the competition. Obviously no more than 6 for England, 5 for Italy and so on.

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  4. This is definitely the future, would be 2/3 leagues of 20 and the champions league would just include the teams not involved so there wouldn’t be much interest

  5. Uefa should be forever banned!!!
    Only dirty business.
    A super league could be the end of small clubs, I used to follow my team (as Roma) in small cities and enjoyng with friends and a pair of glasses of red wine after the games.
    The beauty of this marvelous sport is also giving the opportunity of small teams to beat Juventus!

  6. I am totally against the notion of a super league where the big clubs are permanently in the the competition with no room for other teams to come in. This is the money people and greed pure and simple. If these teams left their domestic leagues what would happen? It would hurt them severely. For example if Barcelona and Real Madrid left La Liga then the money would leave with them. Whatever tv money the league was getting would be proportionally reduced and that would hurt the league overall and that would be true of other leagues as well.

  7. I am a Brazilian fan. To be very honest, I don't like to watch European domestic leagues because since the start, we know who will be champion of each league. For example, I am writing this in November 2019 and it seens Bayern Munchen will won Bundesliga easily again. I would rather watch Bayern vs Liverpool in a weekend, Real Madrid vs Juventus on another. Theres is no fun watching Neymar playing Ligue 1 for PSG because their rivals are very weak, they will loose just one game or another and will be champions again. I believe that elite clubs won't break up the domestic leagues, but sooner than we can expect, European football will became something similar to Euroleague Basketball, with half of the season been dedicated to the National Leagues and other half to a Continental Superleague.

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