Is the glass half full or half empty? The final proof! Leo Bormans at TEDxGhent


Leo Bormans is the author of the international bestseller “The World Book of Happiness”. He has been working for more than 20 years for the Belgium government on empowerment and active citizenship. Now he is an international
ambassador of Happiness & Quality of Life. At TEDxGhent he gave the final answer to the everlasting question whether the glass is half full or half empty.

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Date: January 16, 2020

20 thoughts on “Is the glass half full or half empty? The final proof! Leo Bormans at TEDxGhent

  1. What a messed up question and how psychology analyzed it. Both people are the same. Both want more. Did you quench your thirst or what ever you relate the glass and its contents to? Can it be refilled? Society is always divided into 2 parts engineering them to be different and fight. Why? Divide and control. Ah well, that’s usually phrased differently. But hard to control a majority. Government’s role. No accountability to a division, no need for change. Keep up the sheeplike fight everybody. It’s working quite well for your masters.

  2. People arguing.. but the focus is never on the water wether the water is filled in or poured out. The focus is on the cup. Is the cup half full with water. The focus is on the water. But the cup is full.

  3. A glass can neither be half full or half empty. Allow me to explain. The words “empty” and “full” are two extremes…. they are absolutes. Going around saying something is half full or half empty is the equivalent of going around saying something is half dead or half alive. You are either alive or you are dead. So therefore if you’ve been going around your entire life saying the glass is either half full or half empty no need to fret you’re not a positive or negative person you’ve just been grammatically incorrect your entire life!

  4. I personally feel its half full. BUT I WOULDNT describe myself as an optimist. Anyways my logic to this is a simple-ish explanation.
    I think it's half full as if you think about gravity and science and all the wonders water doesn't float.. and if it doesn't float then how can you describe it as half empty. If you were to not fill it at all sure air is an element but you wouldn't see anything! And what you can't see wouldn't count. As you can see water I think it's half full. Also as you were to fill a whole glass of water you could see it and its actually like a human thing to do.
    Nobody looks at an empty glass of water not even any liquid as its not even an empty glass of liquid it's just a glass.
    Empty can be anything really.
    Lovely video keep it up!
    Im a secret nerd (:

  5. if you're putting something into the glass you're filling it. so is half full

    if you're taking something out of the glass, you're emptying it. So it half empty

    Water was poured into the glass, so at that moment, it's half full…. but when someone decides to pour the water out, it will already be half empty

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