Is the three-tier Covid-19 system enough to tackle England’s rising infection rate? – BBC Newsnight


UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has described the new Covid-19 three-level alert system for England as a “balanced package”, saying he doesn’t want a national lockdown. But has he got the balance right? Please subscribe here:

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said the UK’s increasing number of coronavirus cases is “flashing at us like dashboard warnings in a passenger jet”.

The Liverpool region will be on a “very high” Covid alert level, the highest of a new three-tier system.

England’s chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty said he was not confident the measures “would be enough to get on top of” the virus.

And, as minutes from the government’s scientific advisory group, Sage, show, recommendations made to ministers on 21 September included an immediate circuit breaker – or short lockdown – which was seen as the most effective way to suppress the virus.

However the prime minister ruled out the “extreme route” of a national lockdown “right now”.

So has Boris Johnson got the balance right with these new measures?

Newsnight’s Political Editor Nick Watt and Health Correspondent Deborah Cohen report.

Emily Maitlis is joined by Labour MP Rushanara Ali, Leader of Nottinghamshire County Council, Councillor Kay Cutts and Deputy Chief Executive of NHS Providers, Saffron Cordery.


Date: October 15, 2020

50 thoughts on “Is the three-tier Covid-19 system enough to tackle England’s rising infection rate? – BBC Newsnight

  1. Alcohol kills more people.What are you so called journalists got to say about that? Exactly absolutely nothing.Pure agendas.

  2. Spraying millions of tons of toxic chemtrails wouldn't cause respiratory diseases would it? No not if we call it a conspiracy. BIBLICAL DISSEMINATION COGNITION. Let's be responsible like press reading from scripts.

  3. I got Covid six months ago and still can’t smell or taste I’m not worried about me if you stop staring at your Gunt in the morning you might develop some empathy

  4. And I can see a big row between Johnson, Sunak, Hancock and Whitty which could end in a resignation maybe Hancock with Whitty following

  5. Most of these areas have cities and towns with universities resulting in a very big student population only schools should have been allowed to open with sixth form/FE colleges and universities moving to online teaching and e-learning

  6. How does that song go???
    Red and yellow and pink and green… purple and orange and blue….. Boris is a nutcase…. is a nutcase…. and Matt Hancock toooo…..

  7. Same here…. … Can work for 30 hours in a retail megastore but not have more than half a dozen people who I know in my house….

  8. As usual the BBC fails to ask the right question. Instead of asking 'are we doing enough to stop the spread' it should question if we can really do anything to stop the spread of a virus in a densely-populated modern nation and whether anyone has given the slightest thought to whether economic ruin, skyrocketing suicide rates and dead cancer sufferers is a price worth paying for covering Boris's fat arse.

  9. Arrest matt handcock lies upon lies Boris is controlled by communists like Susan michie Doris is anti English and kneels to bill vaccine Gates we are being lied to the BBC funded by Bill vaccine gates shut it down properganda they told us Jimmy Savile was a great man gangsters

  10. How long will let them to lier us,in my neighbourhood no one death, my work 300 people factory staff no one death, WHERE ARE THOSE DEATH? ?????????????????

  11. Shut pubs open back up the doctors and hospitals for people who need a doctor to look at my very bad arm but its only one to one but its got to be done by phone call
    So your happy for pubs in crowds to open but you can't get a doctor one to one to check my bad shoulder and I suffer from mental health now because of it
    Why don't you grow a pair of balls stop all in and out flights and make China pay for this

  12. Why aren't the police baton charging Pakistani Muslim street celebrations, as they do indigenous White Britons? WHY??

  13. No more then 6 people but no more furlough so we have to go to work with 60+ people atleast eat out to help out had more then 6 people at a time in restaurants so did pubs and schools oh yeah that was an experiment to see if the kids and teachers would some how level up or evolve or something like its a video game so they have heard immunity the gyms had more people than 6 people at a time to if we locked down properly we could probably be starting to get back to normal if not now then in the near future this won't get any better because of people the government aren't even safe we are not going to get any better this is the norm now it will never go in our life time 100 years ago Spanish flu started it lasted for 40+ years so this is the rest of our lives hopefully the generation who are being born now will be more use to the restrictions because its all they would have known hopefully if they don't have idiots for parents who bring them to party's or to gatherings it is stressful living like this but its that for a few weeks months or maybe even years or we risk losing our sickly family members older family members and the younger ones people are just stupid this properly would of been more controlled if people actually followed the first lock down or wear mask

  14. Don’t you dislike the ‘Nanny knows best’ approach with no evidence given for the decision. Why aren’t supermarkets encouraged/allowed to take measures that would reduce customer density e.g. arrange between them to offer 24 hour opening, 7 days a week until the crisis is over? Why are health decisions taken at a national level instead of locally?

  15. Can anyone in their right mind believe these politicians are taking these extreme measures to save a few elderly poorly people’s lives?

  16. Stop reccomending me this bullshit, please! I have enough stress without you Tory bullshitting pieces of crap ! Just fuck off and leave me alone

  17. Utterly meaningless. If you are able to interact with other people not of your own household in anyway, shape or form then you can transmit the virus. It is that simple. So ALL of this ^ bullshit the idiotic governmental circus is spouting is just continuing the virus ad infinity. A virus doesn't care about your age, what time of day it is, or 2 meters distance. The government understands fuck all about how a virus works.

  18. Well if no one can meet inside if everyone goes out then everyone's mixing you idiots don't need a whole report to know that

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