Is the UK’s Covid travel system misleading? – BBC Newsnight


Prime Minister Boris Johnson has warned people should not be holidaying in amber list countries, after a minister said people could go and visit friends. Please subscribe HERE

The confusion arose after Environment Secretary George Eustice said people could go to those countries if they quarantined when they returned.

It comes after news that some holiday companies are refusing refunds to such destinations.

That is because it is now legal to travel to countries on the amber list.

Newsnight’s Political Editor Nick Watt reports.

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Date: September 11, 2021

37 thoughts on “Is the UK’s Covid travel system misleading? – BBC Newsnight

  1. everyone within the EU can now travel….no restrictions..everyone in the US can travel no restrictions…this is a total FARCE

  2. It seems to me that as soon as there's a campaign or meeting at Central Gov on Climate change there is a movement in the traffic light allocation. How would you explain the recent Green to Amber message when the Covid rates in Spain are less than ours? Then again this whole Covid thing could be argued as an attempt to placate climate change Gov activists.

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  4. How long red list countries stay red list, do you think, end of july, august, september? Think of coming back from a red list country only if removed. Do you have any idea?

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  6. INSANITY RULES! As a carer for many years my mother has just passed away. I am stuck in Poland a British passport holder plus irish European. Can't return to UK with my mothers ashes for funeral then onto Dublin as cost of testing and quaranteen beyond my budget. Only choice is go to large gatherings catch covid hope l survive at 70yrs old or vaccinate but l have history of horrible side effects as l blow up like a balloon. Also Dr. Geert Vanden Bossche (former head of German vaccine development is now saying there is a very real risk from these untested vaccines as they dominate immune system and only prevent standard covid but allow variants to run rampage. So all in all Politicians, Health beaurocrates and big pharma have made a mucking fuddle of everything including our freedom. Well done guys 🖕

  7. It's hard to leave North Korea too, although they're slightly progressive than the Commonwealth states these days.

  8. And check as a British Citizen where you are green, amber or red if travelling
    Check for vaccination on travelling
    Airports around the world are holding double covid-19 health checks/tests

  9. Well put Israel on the red list and make red list countries impossible to go in and out if the country. and put italy and Spain on the green list as they're safer than most green list countries.

  10. Last night I was laying in bed naked with my girlfriend when she started to cough.

    She told me she might need to get tested for Covid.

    I pulled the covers over her head, then I farted.

    She goes "ewwww, that stinks. Oh my God I can taste it!!!".

    Then I pulled the covers off of her and said "Congratulations. You don't have Covid".  😁

  11. Why risk your family's health ? why travel abroad at all in the midst of a pandemic?, surely the risks involved negate any good it could do, why this obsession with getting on an aeroplane?.

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