Is this the world's most dangerous commute? – BBC News


One way to travel in the Philippine capital, Manila, is by trolley. Passengers choose this unofficial transport service because it’s quicker and cheaper than other options. For the homeless community that runs the illegal service, it puts food on the table. But it’s also incredibly dangerous.

Video by Howard Johnson and Virma Simonette.

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Date: October 14, 2021

25 thoughts on “Is this the world's most dangerous commute? – BBC News

  1. 2021: Philippine National Railways didin't do the trolleys anymore (I notice that i die in the hell of freak that i love PNR)

  2. the world is so much uneven. May be it's also their parents's fault. they will take children even though they can't look after them. so did happen with them and this cycle will continue. IF u can't provide your child with a proper care you shouldn't take one and destroy his life.

  3. Here in the Philippines $10 is the minimum wage in the City while $9 in the Provinces. As a college student ,my allowance is $5 dollars a day and thats good and above average , so im happy 🙂

  4. I understand their limited choices but that is very dangerous. Trains can't swerve out of the way and can take a mile to stop. In the US it's trespass.

  5. Never gonna try riding in those public transportation. Too dangerous. I might die early.
    Philippines should fix this kind of issue.

  6. Philippines should abandon the Catholic Church and start using contraception! Not many places on earth as crowded and poor as manila. Makes Thailand and Malaysia look like Monaco.I had to ride the mrt for two weeks and what an experience. Crowded and hot was ridiculous.

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