Is this the world's toughest commute? – BBC News


In the remote mountains of northern Ethiopia, a lone priest scales a 250m cliff each day to reach his church and study ancient books containing religious secrets.
Produced by: Charlie Northcott, Kalkidan Yibeltal and Berihu Lilay.

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Date: October 8, 2021

44 thoughts on “Is this the world's toughest commute? – BBC News

  1. The priest's first name is Haile-Selasie. Haile means power and Selasie means "the trinity" in the Geez language. So, his first name is "the power of the trinity". Interestingly, he shares the same name with Emperor Haile-Selasie. My Habesha people, please correct me if I'm wrong in the translation.

  2. For your information , he is not Coptic priest rather he is Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido Priest. Coptic stands for Egypt.

  3. so many errors
    0:07 it is not Coptic church it is Ethiopian orthodox Tewahdo Church since Coptic means Egyptian
    0:26 it's blasphemous to say Hailesilassie Kahasay's church because the church is not the property of the priest and the correct name is Abune Yemata church named after St.Abune Yemata.
    2:52 he didn't say the saints live here.

  4. We don't call our selves Coptic yea we have the same religion as the Coptic Egyptians but Coptic is an oldlanguage of Egypt not ours. We call ourselves Ethiopian Tewahdo orthodox Christians

  5. "Coptic" is an Exclusive naming that belongs to Egypt/Egyptians, and especially modern day Egyptian Christians…

  6. Now days the young generation barely attends Sunday church even with wifi available

  7. I don’t why BBC writes as Coptic, it’s Ethiopian Orthodox Church. We don’t have a single Coptic church. They sound similar but NOT.

  8. Pray for us father the lost soles mingling around the world in search of happiness from the wrong source, GOD is the only way to true happiness

  9. ውይ ትግራይ ማዓረይ ባዓልቲ ብዙሕ ታርክ ካባኪ ብምፈጣረይ ይሕበን ❤💛❤💛❤

  10. But as a moslim ,I think this action is not true ,because God is every where evevn he is nearer than ourselves to us ,……if you spend this time for going to this place ,you can do an adviseble deed for humanity ,thinking about God in every moment is enough ,……

  11. Ah'bah Shalawam
    Halleluyah Thank You for the birth of the Holy Spirit. Elohim Greatness cover the mountain of Holy Grace.
    Shalom Ethopian Family.Amen🙏🙌🌍💞❤

  12. Finally made the journey to this place on January 3rd 2019!!!
    The climbing was really tough especially for me but once I reached the top…. It was incredibly magnificent!

  13. የኢትዮጵያ አምላክ አገሬን አደራ
    ቤተ ክር ስትያንን ጠብቅልን

  14. In a world of internet gurus and online spirituality… it is fascinating and humbling to see this priest.. he radiates spirituality and is an inspiration.. his words in Ge'ez language carry a meaning beyond their translation… Ethiopia is unique because spirituality has evolved in isolation. Thanks BBC for posting this.

  15. hahahahahaha religion , but i love this video , i have been watching and following about this CHURCH PLACE for a long time.

  16. These people believed a lie. They are worshipping the dead. The only one who can keep people safe is God.

  17. If churches were assessed by their risk factor, Abuna Yemata Guh would be our new Sistine Chapel. Perched 650 feet above a steep cliff in Northern Ethiopia, visitors face a 45-minute climb up the cliff’s vertical face in order to access the precariously positioned church. Dating back to the 5th century, history has it that its founder Father Yemata built the chapel to be closer to heavenly spirits; however, others claim it was a strategic move to avoid his enemies. I love how the constant footsteps have slowly wore into the stone to make actual steps for everyone. That is so breathtaking! UNBELIEVABLE!!

  18. There’s no picture of white Jesus Christ all pic it looks like US. We are the chosen people king of kings KUSH

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