Isabelle's Adoption Story – China 2018


34 thoughts on “Isabelle's Adoption Story – China 2018

  1. Completely randomly landed on this video and it was wholesome as hell. Our cultural/religious backgrounds couldn't be farther from one another, but it's amazing how irrelevant that all is when you see people who are just genuinely GOOD people. Thanks for making the world a better place.

  2. I was misty-eyed this whole video but "Would she be better off blind in an orphanage or would she be better off blind at our home" broke me and I have been sobbing. This video has reinforced my goal of adopting in the future. I want to take in as many as I can afford.

  3. I am so proud to be part of God's family and call you all Brothers and Sisters. May you be blessed beyond what you could imagine, for your kindness… and yes I cried thru the whole video….

  4. I have a new respect for people that adopt. Simply love the FELTS. JESUS is so pleased with you'll. I am crying so much watching this video. I HAVE SUBSCRIBED. Hope it makes a difference. Thank u to the Felt family. Can we get more subscribers to help this family take care of these special needs children.

  5. arrgghh… this is really break my heart i cried a lot! how dare her parents just give a birth and throwing her just like that.
    God will protect this beautiful family who has a heart that is brighter than diamonds!

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