Jameela Jamil Fires Back At Piers Morgan Over Criticism Of Meghan Markle's British Vogue Issue


Jameela Jamil is not happy with Piers Morgan’s latest The Daily Mail op-ed. The controversial TV personality criticized Meghan Markle’s British Vogue issue and especially slammed “The Good Place” actress’ inclusion in the duchess’ list of 15 female changemakers. In his piece, Piers took issue with some of Jameela’s past negative comments about female celebrities. In response, the NBC star defended the way she grew after “being problematic” when she was young, and she criticized Piers’ refusal to grow out of his “problematic, slut-shaming, fat-shaming, misogynistic” ways.

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Date: August 10, 2019

42 thoughts on “Jameela Jamil Fires Back At Piers Morgan Over Criticism Of Meghan Markle's British Vogue Issue


  2. Shame on you ! Your just a second rate want to be actor and because of that you think your entitled to say what you want about anyone and anything! Go back to your own country and slam your own people,we don’t want you here! Waste of skin!

  3. Pierce Morgan is a old bitter bitch! He tried to nail Meghan and she didn't want his old dusty ass and then she started dating Harry and Pierce really got in his feelings. Get over it Pierce Meghan didn't want your ass! Pierce is the scorned ex that never was!

  4. I see the Pilgrims didn't think this Vogue was white enough? LOL!!! ya'll are so funny, it's pathetic really! This issue is about "change", Duh!!! We already know what you are about! So I guess it's time for woman of color to start doing the damn thang, cause y'll done run us all into the ditch. You would run your own Moma and Daddy into the ditch, just to get us in there.

  5. If u believe yourself that you' re one of the so called forces for change, instead of fighting w/ piers Morgan, why don' t u protest to vogue magazine for their announcement that they will never donate even a cent to any charity. Or maybe you' re just one of the many hypocrites who grab whatever opportunity for just a 5 minutes of fame.

  6. Piers Morgan is a trifling, nauseating, shallow human being. He's a tired ass, washed up windbag. I hope Prince Harry sue him for harassment. I hope he evaporates into thin air. I'm glad Jameela Jamil put foolish Piers in his place!!!!

  7. Piers morgan is so obessed with MEGHAN hes a jealous person what a laugh..go have a life piers Morgan and leave Prince Harry wife alone..you dont have Meghan KNOWLEDGE..just buzz off your mouth full of B.S. lol🤣🤣🤣

  8. Wow, it's great finally a celebrity female celebrity speaking up for Meg, But Wish you will Stop calling Meg a Woman of Color , when she obviously hide any of her black roots, & Will never claim her self as that,..

  9. Piers is a very needy, foul-mouthed and dirty old man who seems to spend far too much time zoning in on young women. If they happen to be attractive and persons of substance, that seems to cause him even more of a problem. Add persons of color who also fit the previous descriptions, takes him to yet another level. Maybe ,as in the case of HRH Meghan, he feels as though he was dismissed summarily instead of the fawning he had imagined in his dreams. Write this down, Piers, women of the nature described herein just simply are not and will not be interested in you. Get over it and perhaps invest in something more your speed (Amazon.com might be able to help you out).

  10. Iam not sure what Morgan pier's problem really is but I think he is a jealous sadist racist with a little finger between his legs. Imagine an old man piers twice Meghan's age all envious of her and Harry. Perverted little thing of a man!

  11. Piers Morgan is OBSESSED with Duchess Meghan 🥳😅😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Samantha Markle is not selling anymore. He (pm) and (sm) have done so much to disgrace the white race👎🏻😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  12. Jameela..well said We Didn't want him here in the US…he truly is Trash and all that comes out of his mouth is trash.Good job in speaking up to this bully…please visit us anytime in the US..Piers is NOT Welcomed..he belongs in a trash dumpster.

  13. The Queen is the Head and is always recognized every day .. She don’t need the Vogue to do this..
    She is one of the most loved and talked of woman in the world..

    What Meghan did is on behalf of the Firm.. she did not include the Queen as she did not include herself..Piers you need to shut your trap and let Meghan breath..

    Men like you are the ones who use women..
    I stand in their way of success if they don’t play with them..
    That is how cooperate men works..
    Stop now and let them breathe..

  14. Of course Jameela would come to Markle's defense! Yo, kissing royal ass has now gotten this lady (don't really know who she is…don't really care to find out) some press coverage. She is in the spotlight now…along with the other 14 and of course the mirror. Lol…."Forces for Change" and Markle forgot to include the main one who has given her the platform she has today. It's a fact that Markle gained notoriety after getting in with the royals, before that no one really knew who she was, and still she shows no gratitude for the massive opportunity she's been given. Markle used to be a peasant, but thanks to Prince Harry and HM the Queen, she is now "somebody" Forces for change= How the British Monarchy made a Hood Rat into a Princess…food for thought y'all…food for thought…

  15. SHOW THIS TO THE QUEEN………..This just feels to me Meaghan shoving her political opinion down the throats of the masses and beginning to GROOM THEM. Ironically, Michelle Obama broke protocol when she touched the Queen…that is not a good role model. I don't like Michelle Obama and it would take to long to explain myself as to how I came to this conclusion. I feel the Vogue issue could be about being a Mother, a wife, a Duchess. It feels like Meaghan is pushing her views on the world with the absolute power she holds now. She is outspoken is a bit to much. People are agitated with her but they don't know why? It is because she is using psychological manipulation techniques. Meaghan is using her power to change the philosophy of the world into the way she see's the world. And she is building up her own "empire" backed with a force of power of her own "subjects". That is why she had Harry and William stop joining forces. She wants credit for the changes she will be making and she wants her own "followers" a part from William and Kate and loyal to Meaghan and Harry. She is taking her power and brainwashing HRH's subjects to Meaghan's idea's and moving them closer to how she thinks. For example, she wanted Archie to be raised gender neutral. She is a POLITICAL EXTREMIST Hell bent on POWER. The sheltered Queen hasn't faced an opponent like Meaghan, and HRH better open her sheltered eyes because Meaghan has an agenda. She is telling us our views are corrupt and what is politically right in Meaghan's view through this propaganda. I have a right to my opinion and it is my right, but I don't have a place to push my views on others. I don't want a edition of a fashion magazine so political as it is shoved down my throat. But Meaghan is slowly wiping away our identity wit hers, with her agenda and her philosophy's and people are very easily manipulated to this kind of brain washing, ask Hitler. This vogue article is introducing her philosophy. It is a process of replacing your thoughts with hers so she can be the ABSOLUTE LEADER the PEOPLE'S PRINCESS. This is very dangerous to HRH, Prince Charles, his successor William and even Kate who will be Queen on a royal level of power. Kate watch your back. Meaghan could have had nine Mothers on the cover and spoke about Motherhood and it's challenges which is non-political. The royals are not suppose to be political. And this is why they are not suppose to be, they are suppose to be loyal to HRH. This could have been about this young generation of fashion designers that are keeping the tradition of haute couture and bespoke designers. It could have been such an opportunity, and NOT political and staying with HRH's rules. This was a staged forum to place POLITICALLY CORRECT WOMEN on the cover of Vogue according to Meagan's agenda. Vogue was not the place to air your political views and begin to groom and court your own loyalists. Why not show us your compassion and political correctness begins at home, will you ever invite your Father to see his grandson, Archie, and why not, since you are all about compassion? Or then are you a power hungry hypocrite?

  16. He loves to stir,antagonise and wind ppl up like the prat he KNOWS he is and is loving this…..big bucks. Piers you make me embarrassed to be a strong, fare, hard working British woman. I’m not playing this game, no comments from me anymore, no attention. ITV This morning news loses another viewer of 15yrs or so 🤐🤫🙄🤮( not lowering myself to his standards using fowl language, put downs,racist, sexist, gender pull downs and controversial comments that have been his making over the yrs in Britain alone)I’m all about peace without putting others down to achieve it.

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